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the Gouge solution to banking

Twaddle.-- To talk of "regulating" Banks. So long as they exist, they will regulate every thing around them. --[Mississippi Free Trader, 1842]

"The fault is in the system. Give the management of it to the wisest and best men in the country, and still it will produce evil. No new principles of action were introduced by the early administration of the United States' Bank.
It was not, surely, to be expected, that men who associated with the professed design of making profit for themselves, and who admitted the Government as a partner, should trammel themselves with restrictions which the Legislature had, either through design or oversight, failed to impose."

The one and only true hard-money man, Mr. William Gouge's solution to the banking problem: only allow full-liability discount houses to operate, and no banknote circulation, whatever

"Restore the natural order of things, by abolishing money corporations, and, in those parts of the country where there is little population, little wealth, and little commerce, there will be little Banking: while in those parts of the country where commerce is extensively carried on, Bankers will rise up in proportion to the wants of the community.

"In most villages, all the call there is for Bankers could be answered by the Postmasters. Offices of deposit, of transfer, and of loan, are not necessary in villages. The only call there for a dealer in money, is to collect debts due to persons at a distance, and transmit the money to to whom it is due. The publishers of periodicals now collect great part of what is owing to them on account of subscriptions through the medium of the Postmasters. Many of the debts due to merchants might be conveniently collected in the same way, if Government were careful to appoint none but solvent and trust-worthy persons to be Postmasters: and if it should make a rule to remove them on proof being given of their having neglected to pay over money which they had collected.

"But it would not be necessary for Government to go even this far, for us to have a good Banking system. The Postmaster, in most small towns, would stand the best chance of becoming collector of debts for persons at a distance, and the commissions he would receive would, in many cases, exceed the amount paid to him as a public officer: but if he was found untrustworthy, or incapable, the business would be transferred to the storekeeper, or some other respectable inhabitant of the village.

"In the larger towns, and even in the small towns which are centres of wealthy districts, the business of dealing in exchanges, and of acting as an agent between lenders and borrowers, would become a distinct profession."

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Hey this is good stuff 789

I wish i had seen it when you posted it. Next time maybe title the post that will grab attention, i am learning that myself.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"


i would if

What is exactly would be attention grabbing ?

Lincoln invented greenbacks, like Saunders invented fried chicken

Senator John Calhoun's ideas on paper currency

on this site....call out the

conspiracy kooks....that always get a lot of traffic!

Check out my post of unwinding the Fed's Balance Sheet. You might like it. the kooks are ignoring it.

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"


Ron Paul was just a comic relief

You mean something like this ?

Ed Griffin, Bill Still, Jim Mars, and a horde of others, are nothing more than two-three bit con-men, who never studied history, but saw an opportunity for easy money by compiling other people's conspiracist regurgitations into a book form.

Alex Jones, Ellen Brown, David Icke, George Noory are trojan infiltrators, put into position by the PTB to lead sheeple in circles to nowhere.

The whole conspiracy "movement" / industry is "led" by liars and thieves, and populated by stupid dumb animals (a.k.a. home-grown white sludge). Stupid dumb animals made rich men out of plagiarists, scoundrels, thieves, liars, and all around scumbags; but regarded not, respected not the one who studied history.

90% of the 20th century conspiracy literature is plagiarism, shamelessly and uncritically stealing and regurgitating from one an other. The good books on conspiracy were written by non-conspiracists, actual researchers who were not afraid to go inside the library, and were willing to work (Fay, Pearson, Pakenham) Even Mr. Mullins went back only as far as 1907, as if it all started with the 1907 money panic.

yeah...that would pretty much do it

drive them crazy

"Before we can ever ask how things might go wrong; we must first explain how they could ever go right"


gold is barbarism


Well, I don't see any improvement in visitations