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Head Of The Netherlands, Queen Beatrixs' Brother -In-Law Calls For Mandatory Birth Control For 'The Unfit'

Head Of The Netherlands,{ Queen Beatrixs'} Brother -In-Law Calls For Mandatory Birth Control For { 'The Unfit'}

In an episode of the television program Zembla that aired last week on Dutch national television, Pieter van Vollenhoven- queen Beatrix’s brother-in-law- called for forced birth control for people with drug addiction, psychiatric patients and other people deemed unfit to reproduce.

As head of the Dutch Safety Board, Van Vollenhoven investigated several cases in which children were abused at a young age. After concluding that “the government is not sufficiently capable of delivering on its responsibility to ensure the safety of young children in the age group 0 to 12 within the home”, Van Vollenhoven went on to propose a classical eugenic solution:

“People will accuse me of going too far. But to be honest, that’s an easy thing to say if you do not know the facts. My eyes have been opened by seeing these problems. They came as a shock. You can see that these parents need help, since they’ve no control over their own lives. When it’s clear that’s the case, perhaps contraception would be the best step.”

Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports that in his call for mandatory birth control for the “unfit”:

“Mr Van Vollenhoven has the support of experts from the Netherlands’ Child Protection Agency and the mental health care sector.”

Sure he does. We see many academics, including so-called ethicists, completely on board with the eugenic practice- which appears to make a come-back in recent days.


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