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GOP establishment wants Newt in race because of Paul

Why is Newt still running? He's already made it clear that he will support Mitt Romney and he recently told a group of New York state Republicans that he's staying in "to articulate big themes and big ideas." Huh? Since he also recently bounced a $500 check, it is very likely his campaign is bleeding cash. As I theorized two weeks ago, I believe the Republican establishment does not want a two man race between Paul and Romney, which could be the reason Gingich is staying in the race. The chances of Paul winning the nomination are slim to none, but he would be in a better delegate situation and would gain more media attention if Newt dropped out.

Newt Gingrich tells NY GOP he would support Mitt Romney


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We want Newt in the race too

We want Newt in the race too because he'll take votes from Romney. The more contenders in the race, the better the chance for a brokered convention. I hope he stays in till the end.

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