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3D Modeling? Looking for a 3D Ron Paul graphic or model to print with a Makerbot

Does anyone here dabble in 3D modelling of any sort? I have a Makerbot 3D printer and I want to print some sort of Ron Paul object for my desk but I have absolutely no design experience or ability. If anyone has the skill and desire to make a Ron Paul type object (sign, blimp, portrait, or anything you want) I would love to be able to try and print it. I'd even print a few copies for you and send it as payment.

I printed a Stephen Colbert bust model last night. It looks pretty good for the machine that I'm using. I don't have a picture of mine, but it looks very similar to this version: http://www.thingiverse.com/derivative:10160

I wish I could get a scanned model of Ron Paul similar to the Stephen Colbert model that is on Thingiverse, but I'd be willing to settle for just about anything.

There is a Ron Paul Revolution graphic, but I was hoping for something a little bit more creative than just Ron Paul RLOVEution

If you have the desire to lend a hand, please PM me or reply to this tread.

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Re-bumping old thread on slow day

Re-bumping old thread on slow day in hopes that someone wants to make me a 3D Ron Paul themed model.

This is awesome. I heard

This is awesome. I heard about this, but have no idea how it works. I do some 3d modelling, but I don't know if I could make a life-like Ron Paul.

And that life-like model was

And that life-like model was done with a 3D scanner on the set of the Stephen Colbert show. I'm not sure how all the others on Thingiverse are creating models of busts without a scanner.. but it looks like they are doing it.

yeah it can be done, but i'm

yeah it can be done, but i'm just not very good at life-like humans. But I can still give it a try.. there's plenty of reference artwork.

oh that would be awesome if

oh that would be awesome if you wanted to give it a shot. You can email me at: ronpaulwasright@yahoo.com

I'd settle for a cool little

I'd settle for a cool little Ron Paul sign.

I can convert just about any 3D file to the required .stl file format so if you're willing to give it a shot, I'd send you a few copies.

3inch x 3inch by about 8 inch tall is about as much as I can print due to the size of my platform.

Something like this.. this is 2 different models designed to be printed independently. You print the base one color and then the sign another color. I have nuclear green, black and off-white filament: