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Just a Suggestion...

I was one of the ten thousand that showed up at UCLA a couple of weeks ago, and it was AMAZING!!! But to my dismay, we are really struggling as a movement to raise money, especially in the new year. I can just speak for myself when I say I have 3 part time jobs and have had to cut back on personal expenses (cable, cell phone, switched my car to a scooter, etc.) and i am literally tapped out in every sense of the word, but i still send 25 dollars every time there is a money bomb. My suggestion is why doesn't Ron Paul ask people to donate to the campaign during his 45 minute speeches? He should be taking 5-10 minutes telling these enthusiastic crowds to donate, and where to do so. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF US, DR. PAUL! People have smart phones and can do it while they're at the speech/rally. Getting people to sign up as Republican should be followed up with have you donated to the campaign? No? Well, here is where you can do it right now. It would be nice to hear it come from Ron Paul himself. He MUST stress the importance of donating. If i'm going to alienate myself from family, friends, and co-workers please do your part, beg if you have to. Every rally should be a money bomb, and the people want to hear you ask them, because then it becomes more personal, as opposed to this grass roots led money bomb, which were tremendous at first, but have clearly lost steam. We need to shake it up, and I think the answer is in the THOUSANDS that he is attracting to every rally. Not one time at UCLA did any campaign staff ask if I had donated, I heard at least 50 times from different people "have you registered Republican yet?" yes, yes I have. IT NEEDS TO BE FOLLOWED WITH "Great! Have you donated as well?" this will help. What are your thoughts?

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Not just to donate

To subscribe to automatic donations weekly.

Good Point

that could be extremely useful.

It's the rule of three's in sales.

I've read all the comments, and I agree with most of them. But you gotta hit 'em 3 times! Once at beginning while people are standing in line to get in, and we can have campaign folks, and heck, even volunteers with ipads before the rally asking people if they've donated to the campaign. The second time to ask is just before the end of the speech, when Ron Paul can elegantly squeeze it in by making folks understand that spreading the message of liberty cost money. And that he needs all the help he can get, and after the rally is over to find your nearest volunteer, or campaign staff with an ipad, or just go to ronpaul2012.com and donate from your smart phones, right now. The third time is when folks are leaving. Trust me, this will net results.

Two missed opportunities.

Dr Paul could raise some much need funds and also use the opportunity to contrast his campaign w/Romney's. You know, Wall St vs the people.

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Suggested donation

Everyone who walks into or out of a Ron Paul event should walk past a donation box that makes it loud and clear that the event is free HOWEVER there is a suggested donation of $10-$20 dollars!!
Most Events in Seattle do this, and they do pretty damn well!

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

My Thoughts are: I LOVE This!!

Unfortunately liberty is not free. Yes, please do ask for help right then and there. And if the press tries to criticise... well they woud first have to report that the event occured in the place. We kind of guess that's against orders. If they don't show the crowds, the numbers would. Yes, "Please support the cause of liberty. You can do it on the way out the door, what ever you can do to help! (cash, credit card, paypal, smartpay). Think of all the donations! People like to join their friends when they see they are doing the right thing. Otherwise, good intentions get crowed out. I appreciate your post and God bless you for working your way through!

I totally agree

Thanks for the positive vibes!

Glenn Beck did this at his

Glenn Beck did this at his "Restoring Honor" rally in DC on MLK day, and raised $1 million in a day for Wounded Warriors.

I agree- just ask people to go on the website and donate...thats the next best thing to voting.

It is important to

catch people and ask for a donation when they feel the urgency of the mission. Dr Paul conveys the urgency and so asking at that very moment is going to be a "yes" from so many.


that is exactly why i think it would work!


The person introducing Paul could rally for donations and registering....

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

There is NO ONE other than RP that could stand on stage

...and ask for money without me getting a little upset. But I know what he says is true and I know he spends the money like he says so I agree...ASK US FOR MONEY at the events.

I would be surprised

if people were upset by this action, I feel like he could get a standing ovation if he times it and says it the right way. Which i feel like he would do.

When Dr. Paul is talking

When Dr. Paul is talking about the big banksters, he could slip in something like..."and that is why we rely on and need donations from individuals just like you. It's crucial to the continued spread of our message and easy to do at our website. Without your donations, we have no chance of battling the establishment. Thank you..."


Totes McGoats! I totally agree!

The rally's are always advertised as free admission and

I personally do not think it would be right to pass the plate so to speak at a rally. Mentioning (which I think he does) that his campaign does not borrow money and relies solely on donations from supporters like yourselves is about as far as I would take it at a rally. You have to remember there are hopefully a lot of people there that supporters brought with trying to win over to our side thus asking for money at these events may be counter productive.




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Someone else should do it for the Dr. is too humble and

struggles a bit when he asks for donations.
He often mentions that people are only able to donate small amounts.

He is too humble to ask it outright. Maybe if he has no gas in the car or will he use his bike then instead to drive from rock concert to rock concert?

It must be him

it would mean more if after a standing ovation from saying something epically awesome, like end the FED, then ask the people. They would love it, especially if he tells them that showing up to rally's is only half the battle.

If Dr. Paul

has his own reasons for not asking for money in his speech, the person who does the intro could point out that there are people with card readers ready to take their donations.

I completely agree with your

I completely agree with your suggestion and the card readers suggestion. We need to bombard the official campaign with these idea because they're doing a VERY poor and disappointing job of this. Call the headquarters, send some emails, this NEEDS to be done at EVERY rally, at EVERY town hall, at EVERY luncheon. It'd be foolish not to.

How do you call the headquarters?

If you have the contact #'s please post them!

This was my suggestion as well...I think they need to.

My idea was also to have people on site with credit card readers. I don't know if it ever got to the campaign.


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Willie Nelson

This is a great idea. There are many good ideas, like this one, on the DP. Sheesh, does anyone have connections to the campaign? I know that so many people on the DP are working very hard on getting RP elected. However, there are some things (like collect money) that we can't do. Someone on this forum expressed how people love to buy t-shirts etc. after the rallies. This is very true. I went to a Willie Nelson concert last year and paid about $40 bucks for a t-shirt after the concert. I never wore it again. I think I was just excited about seeing Willie. I believe many supporters would feel the same about Dr. Paul. Excitement is a powerful motivator.

Give the change in your

Give the change in your pocket to freedom!

I was at UCLA as well and I

I was at UCLA as well and I completely agree! Dr. Paul doesn't have to announce donating, but they could have iPads around at tables afterwards on the moneybomb site if people wanted to donate and sell merchandise. This will not turn people away... Every person in that stadium was screaming and gave Dr. Paul a standing ovation, so of course they would be glad to donate if asked.

If You Do That

Fewer people will show up to the rallies.

Nobody's holding a gun to their heads.

Just giving them the opportunity to donate a couple of dollars, if they so choose! What's so wrong that makes you keep making that same comment whenever this subject is brought up?

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Great Idea

That suggestion needs to go to campaign headquarters bigeasylu.

I am fortunate to have a good job right now and every payday(weekly) I make sure I kick in at least 25. I've been doing that since September.

I'm sure the supporters wouldn't mind doing that if they can manage it.

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Great Reminder: No-Brainer

Bigeasylu, I think many here agree with you. Even if RP did not want to ask for money personally, someone from the campaign could, or even someone introducing him.

I love your idea about asking the supporters RIGHT then, at the rally, to participate. NOTE TO CAMPAIGN: Couldn't you at least try this once? People leave the rallies and have to work, go to school, take care of their families, etc. Take advantage of the moment. This is a no-brainer.