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The Mother Of All Infographics: Visualizing America’s Derivatives Universe

If you ever wanted a tool to help yourself or others visualize the staggering magnitude of US debt and derivatives, this is a good one to share.
Derivatives Visual:
US Debt Visual:

Related ZeroHedge Article:

I'm not an economist, but even a layman can see that this doesn't look like it is going to end well.

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How much gold?

I wonder if anybody has the ambition and spare time to do an equivalent thing with gold? Or pieces of gold alongside the cash? For example, how big is a pile of gold bars with value 100 mil, and so on?

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Czech auterity protests

Quote from one of the government public servants...

"We are protesting against the systemic changes proposed by this government. We do not agree with them. We want the system of salaries to remain the same.”

“I’m a doctor, a psychiatrist, I’ve got a PhD, and my base salary is 840 dollars a month. My rent is 500, so I have to make do with what’s left. I’ve reached one of the highest qualifications in the country, and that’s my salary."


Makes you wonder

While I acknowledge that the derivatives exposure depicted is in notional terms, the exponential growth of derivatives is so out of control that there is no other word for it but INSANE.

How could the very institutions/individuals who supposedly understand money and markets the best be so evil as to sabotage the entire economic system of the world?

I can think of only two reasons:

1. Their greed truly is insane. In which case an overthrow of the system and reset is the only sane response.
2. All of this propping up is just buying time until some inevitable catastrophic and world-changing event/apocalypse is to occur (presumably known by TPTB). In which case we are all @#$%ed, anyway, and we might as well hug our kids and go back to sleep.

The 2012 National Debt Road Trip

How do the Obama deficits compare with past presidents? And what is his plan moving forward? This video depicts the National Debt as a road trip and visualizes how fast the most recent US Presidents have increased the debt.


Published on Apr 4, 2012 by 10000Pennies
How do the Obama deficits compare with past presidents? And what is his plan moving forward? This video depicts the National Debt as a road trip and visualizes how fast the most recent US Presidents have increased the debt.

This is an update for the National Debt Road Trip video I made in 2009. For more details on how I got this data and answers to commonly asked questions, see my blog post on this at


There is a fallacy not reflected in these numbers

The total exposure does not appear to net out the matching hedge the bank has against a position. For example a $100 liability on BOA's books may be offset by a $98 asset from Chase so the BOA's net liability is $2 not $100. The trades are fully collateralized and the collateral is also marked to market in that a drop in the collateral value triggers a call for additional collateral which must be immediately deposited.

So the story is not as scary as it might look at the first glance. However, there is no question that the system is highly co-dependent and highly leveraged and a collapse of a significant sector would cause major repercussions that are quite unpredictable. The one way to induce de-leveraging would be for the sovereigns to come flat out and announce that there will be no bailout of anyone, regardless of the size.

big problem.. if the

big problem.. if the collateral is not what they say its worth it does not make any difference. The other big problem is that they have written derivatives ontop of derivatives. Its just like the silver market where 100 to 150 people have the same claim on the same physical ounce of silver.

It's still all fake money with fraudulant interest charges.

Fractional reserve banking must end or we will be slaves forever. Period.


holy shite ! derivatives

it really puts things into perspective - a scary perspective !!
I thought Goldmann Sachs would have the most.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

This is the most disturbing

This is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. You can't write a better book than the story of our world right now.



this zh comment was pretty mindblowing too:


1. One Million seconds ago = 12 days

2. One Billion seconds ago = 32 Years

3. One Trillion seconds ago = 32,000 Years

US National debt = 15.6 Trillion

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That is some graphic

R3volution by morning?

Thank you Bank of America

for the sweet deal for the USA taxpayers, they will be honoured to cover your gambling derivatives of $51 Trillion dollars. After all no one cares when Obummer decides to extend his deficit spending to $1.3 Trillion.

This stuff turned me into a Paul supporter and a silver bug 1 year. I posted warning here and on you tube about this crap. I am glad to see it get put in perspective. It sure looks scary!

I think it just about time to get out of the FRN's and get some more silver, for when the SHTF.

I think in 2008 it was less than $1 Trillion in derivatives that brought down the financial giant AIG. So I wonder what it will look like when one of these derivative bombs goes off. We might see banksters sky diving off the Empire State building with out a parachute.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Friends of Angelo


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Honestly ...

I enjoyed "the scare" mode. It was very educational and it won a whole bunch of supporters ... especially back in 2008.

I even bought into it for a period of time.

The truth is, we are reaching critical mass and it is time to change tactics and ....

Debt and credit means only one thing ... the wealth gap will grow and it will grow faster.

And that will result in violent uprisings and possibly violent revolution.

That does not help us ... so ... we need to shift from "the scare" to "the cure" mode.



There is no use to saying, "I told you so" if that is all we have to show for it.

God Bless.

End the Fed.

Dr. Paul is way ahead of us.

Free includes debt-free!

Just as this

Story is a matter of perspective so is your comment, Try to remember not everyone is studied up and this kind of perspective really helps other people to understand, I do not see this is as "scare mode" at all I see this as a perspective on reality.

understood ...

and to a point I agree.

but "the scare" mode only wins us shallow, partisan support that may or may not buy into the whole Liberty thing that we are trying to sell.

God Bless.

That deserves a bump.

That deserves a bump.


bumping way out there lol


Holy s***!

The difference between 1 Billion and 1 Trillion is astounding! Quite different that just a few extra zeros added at the end.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

i was just going to look for this

To show to my high school econ class. I think they are just about ready...


"The unregulated market presents a massive financial risk. The corruption and immorality of the banks makes the situation worse."

I'm not sure I can agree with this statement.

The Federal Reserves real owners

want us to be in debt so far we will beg them to fix it. Their plan is to blow up all the world's Economy's so bad they can get us all on their world currency and total domination. They want all banks to fail all at once, for the shock and awe effect. Obummer is on a spending spree because he knows the end is near, so spend and get re-elected is his motto.

They figure the citizens will be begging for the government to fix it. I can see it now all the Granny's and Grampa's going to Washington demanding to fix their SS checks from being worthless.

The Rothschild's are worth $500 Trillion, they stole most of it from us through the FED. I bet that Fort Knox is empty and all the Gold is now sitting in the Rothschild's LBMA in England. This Gold was all confiscated during the 1930's from the American people. Ron Paul has had a lot of hearings on getting an audit of Fort Knox with no luck.

So I think at this point Regulation or de-regulation has nothing to do with this, just out right corruption.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

I agree

its not the unregulated market I don't trust, Its the regulated market that seems to be the problem.

regulated must mean stacked in favor of one group or another.

Quite right. I suspect all are Federal Reserve members.

The banking cartel created by Congressional regulation. So now they are asking for Congress to add more regulation to fix the problem.

Instead of applying a bandage, how about removing the knife first.

Free includes debt-free!

Jefferson : The graphs put it all in 'staggering perspective'

We are so much in trouble..No wonder the bastards in congress can't get together on a budget. They don't know what to do except delay the inevitable bubble by spending even more money..

If they would have listened to reason, we could have worked ourselves out of this mess.

Now look at what they have done...It's MONSTROUS!

The ignorant bastards play petty politics with our lives and at the same time they are destroying the republic in short order..

There are several of them i would enjoy see hanging from a rope about now..


Just check'd out the first one No wonder they're all scared. It got really really good beginning w the description of Wells Fargo. Still waiting... nobody in congress will talk about reinstating Glass Stegall. Ron Paul has said, the only way out is to write off all the debt. It's not our debt anyway. Iceland abstained from accepting any derivitive fraudulent debt. (the leader of that effort was only in her 20s!)

And an important fact

is that Mitt Romney's 20 top contributors consists of at least 9 TARP recipients and banks whose derivative exposure totals more than $100 TRILLION DOLLARS! People blindly supporting the "presumed" nominee need to WAKE UP!

this comment should be posted on every bumpworthy thread

Dont forget about obama

Do you know where

Can this be downloaded as a pdf or something I would love to save those on my computer.