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Exit poll leads to the shutting down of the Milwaukee Board of Elections

First, let me say I am proud to be an American, something I have never before said in my life. Proud to associate with all the people of Dr. Ron Paul, proud to be involved. Let me also say that Americans have proven themselves to be among the finest people on this earth, brave and steady, thorough and intelligent, shrewd and relentless. The American people are the remaining virile nation left in the Western world, willing to challenge the most powerful, vested individuals in existence. You are the hope for a better world, the hope for real change, and you have proven it.

Everyone knows that Ron Paul has been cheated out of votes. Yet, what isn’t well realized is that the cheating undermined other candidates, including Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Santorum. The greatest beneficiary of this thieving is Mitt Romney. Even so, Rick Santorum, despite being an occasional victim, was also a major recipient of stolen votes.

Yet, here is the important point. Not only are certain candidates being cheated but also, most importantly, the voters themselves. To steal even a single vote is a felony offense, with punishment of jail time and hefty fines.

Overall, nation-wide, by far the greatest victim of vote theft is Dr. Ron Paul and, therefore, his supporters. Hundreds of thousands of his votes were stolen in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Michigan, Vermont, Virginia, Illinois, Maine, and Wisconsin plus more.

I had a good deal of on-the-ground experience in Wisconsin. Here, there is great enthusiasm for Dr. Paul. Through exit polls conducted by this writer it became clear that the official numbers are bogus. How could Dr. Paul score first-place by a 20% margin in the combined exit polls I covered and second in a third ward and yet get trounced everywhere else in Wisconsin, especially in his strongholds, like Madison? Was it because we campaigned in the area so hard that he did well in that isolated spot, or was it something far more sinister? How could the only first place finish of a major ward in Milwaukee be exclusively the polls I manned, polls in which I spent nearly seven hours? It just didn’t make sense.

Why is it that everywhere in Wisconsin Ron Paul is on the lips and minds of so many, yet, despite this, officially, his showing was poor? Then, too, how could he lose every single Madison City ward to either Romney or Santorum, that is every ward over 200 voters? Why was he first, there, in the tiny wards only, while scoring mostly third in the big ones near the university? He scored not a single first placed finish in this city. It is simply impossible.

Again, on the ground, while campaigning there it was clear that countless people spoke highly of him,and fully set out to vote for him. In Madison during that night-time lecture the teeming masses of people, 5200-strong, came forth to see him. Then, on the television he gets a paltry 11%? No way. Don't insult our intelligence.

At the second exit poll I was forced out of the building, which is recorded on video. The trauma of being surrounded by security guards and being accosted was significant. There was in my mind an obvious threat of arrest. Thus, there was no option other than serve notice to the Wisconsin Election Board and thus the State.

My first service was done in person. However, the state employee, one of the top officials, refused. Therefore, a professional process server was hired, and he succeeded in serving the Board. This was duplicated by service of the Election Board of Dane County, where significant vote fraud has occurred.

During my session with the County Clerk I gave her specific instructions. “Do not certify these results,” she was told at least a dozen times. “There will be consequences,” that is if the results are proven fraudulent and the County fails to investigate it. Said the Clerk, “I am confident in the results, and they will be certified, as promised, as scheduled (on April 13th). That was over a week ago, and they are yet to be certified. Is this a good sign? Don’t know. What I do know is that there is no way Dr. Paul scored only 11% to 12% on average in these two freedom-friendly cities.

To be personally accosted is one thing. Yet, far more devastating than any such trauma is the systematic theft of votes. This is a severe crime that affects our entire basis as a civilization. It is the suppression of the peoples’ choice—their casting of ballots for dreams and hope or for whatever they may believe. In Wisconsin peoples’ votes for two different candidates were disenfranchised: Dr. Paul and also Rick Santorum. Thus, in a signed affidavit under the penalty of perjury the State has been duly informed. That service is found here: http://healthfreedom2012.com/HFblog/wp-content/uploads/2012/...

Do feel free to use a similar document for serving the County Clerks in your area. Dr. Paul is being suppressed. This man is YOUR choice. So, your voice, your right, is being severely compromised. Build a document of your own based upon vote theft and serve it upon any County Clerk. It is high time to take our rights back. It’s time to fight back with the internal power we have—the power of our God-given rights.

By God, we have a right to be free. So, let us fight with everything we have. Let us be brave and even braver than we could ever conceive. Let them have it good by serving up your own document. Our brave statisticians and mathematicians have given us all the fuel—the proof—we need. All the charts and data can be found on RonPaulForums.com (search for the thread "Voter Integrity" and also http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/j...imariescsv.png and also:


If you have even the slightest evidence of irregularities, serve your local county officials for corrupting the vote. If you decide to serve it yourself, please do so. If not, hire a process server.

Yet, be sure to be kind, and let the officials know it is not personal but is instead “political.” You can surely say, if asked, that you are "only trying for everyone's sake to make sure the elections are honest." By doing so we shall finally establish America as the great nation it has always promised to be, the real and true land of liberty—the greatest land on the face of this earth, the land of the free and brave, a land I have learned to become proud of.

Milwaukee was served, twice: once by me in person, a service which was refused and then successfully by process server.

After this service the results of the presidential primary, the general results, disappeared. I contacted the County Clerk today; the workers, there, said the results were online. Not so, I told them. When they then went to the Web site while on the phone line with the Clerk’s office, the worker confirmed that the results are nowhere to be found. And that’s the official site for Milwaukee County. The point is that they didn’t certify. Nor should they. We have evidence of fraud, now, and more to break. Everyone: urge the County Clerk’s office in Milwaukee not to certify. Do the same in the rest of the states, since there will be rigging.

Now, for the new proof of rigging in Milwaukee County. Go to page 34 on this RonPaulForum page and scroll all the way to the bottom: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showthread.php?369316-The-case-...

Commentary: this graph shows two normal graphs and three abnormal ones. The normal ones are for Huntsman/Bachman and Gingrich. The abnormal ones are for Paul, Santorum, and Romney. They should all be relatively flat. Paul’s and Santorum’s slope downward, while Romney rockets way high with increasing precinct size.

Votes were electronically purged from Paul and even Santorum in this district and given to Romney. In fact, obviously, Romney swings way high in votes in large precincts. These are traditionally the best precincts for Dr. Paul.

Absentee Vote Count: Proof of Election Theft: from RonRules

You see the above next, by RonRules, as follows:

Here’s what I also found in Milwaukee County, limited to “Greendale Reporting Unit (as precincts),” which was given to me on hand-written forms. But check this out:

That’s right, Dr. Paul does 10-times worse than the “official” percentage given to him of 11-12%. Only Dr. Paul collapses in absentee count to this degree. Moreover, only Romney shows such a massive absentee advantage. This means the Wisconsin GOP gave Paul absentee votes to Romney. Santorum may also have been victimized.

This is impossible. Paul people are vigorous at casting votes. Their absentee ballots would likely go up, never down, from the standard, accepted vote count. Moreover, there is no way that Paul absentee ballots would be as much as 1000% lower than the regular vote percentage. Pure and simple, this is gross fraud.

Call to action: it is essential to contact anyone who lives in the Village of Greendale (not Greendale City) who has voted for Ron Paul through absentee ballots. If you are a part of the precincts with “zero” votes, contact me (RonRules or Dr.K.) immediately. Similarly (says RonRules), if we can find 4 people that have voted absentee for Ron Paul in any of the precincts in the Village of Greendale, we can prove fraud.

Email: drkresearch@hotmail.com and I’ll forward to RonRules. There is also the site, just started, www.ronpaulvotecount.org. Greendale Village voters (and all others): confirm your votes with this affidavit.

For the download of the service: http://healthfreedom2012.com/HFblog/2012/04/20/dr-ks-service...
See also: http://healthfreedom2012.com/HFblog/2012/04/20/a-vote-rigger...

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I'm sure the same stuff went

I'm sure the same stuff went on here in NEVADA but we don't have the evidence.....they did a recount after the fact but I'm almost positive the real vote was tampered with!! It will show next weekend when the DOC pulls away with MOST of the delegates here in Nevada after they said he came in 3rd I think it was.....we were all in shock when he didn't at least get 2nd!


you kicked some ass, picked it up and are kicking it more and I appreciate all you are doing. Dr. K, you are a one man army, I am humbled by all you do. God bless you sir!!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

The wild thing, my friend is

that Milwaukee still has not certified their results after being served. It is a hot-bed of fraud. Did they find something? Are they hiding something? RP people, there, are trying to find out.

Wi. is a Hot Bed

for election fraud voter fraud..hell almost half of the state wants to start another Recall effort against Santa... because they didnt get what they wanted from him either..pathetic..but anyway, not a doubt in my mind that the good Dr. Got screwed here too..its not going to change either..they CAN NOT allow this man as POTUS..you aint seen nothing yet from them gangsters..but they aint seen nothing from us yet either..there aint no stopping this R3VOLUTION..too late for that you corrupt SOB's..embrace the suck is all I can say..Here We Come-------->

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

Did you guys read that

Did you guys read that Kissinger article in the actual service? I am just stunned to the core. What kind of evil people are we dealing with?

A high 5 to you

from SC

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

Where's the contradiction on the 5,200 in Madison?

So 5,200 people came to see him in Madison. How many actually voted for him in Wisconsin? How many were from Illinois, or Iowa, or another surrounding state? How many were actually Ron Paul supporters and weren't there just to hear what he had to say?

There was a rally in Rhode Island this week. I saw it being advertised on this board. People were talking about coming from Massachusetts and Connecticut to see it. Events like that are not confined to Ron Paul voters in the same state. In other words, not everyone at the Rhode Island rally will be voting for Ron Paul in Rhode Island on Tuesday.

There were surely several thousand at that rally in Madison who later voted for Ron Paul, though. But he had 88,000 vote for him in the state. He had somewhere around 19,000 vote for him in that county and neighboring counties. He had about 25,000 vote for him in the Milwaukee metro area. Weren't there likely large numbers of his supporters in the Milwaukee area who drove an hour and a half to hear his speech?

There's no fundamental contradiction at all between having 5 grand at a speech and getting 11% of the vote in a state where around 800,000 people voted.

Are you a Hasbara agent, Shazad?

Ahh this should be fun.
Ron Paul rallies overflowed the stadiums in Madison Square, and near the WI main campus. There should be statistically much higher turnout in these larger city precincts- and most certainly, there were.

See the problem here is, if Ron Paul truly didn't have that much power......then the cameras shouldn't be showing crowds of up to 10,000 people at a time, not to mention the voters who signed affidavits. Communism is alive in Wisconsin.

And don't forget that Shazaad is an imposter!

Shazad does not support Ron Paul, but posts negative arguments on here. Always remember that he does have a freedom to speak, as well as we have a freedom to use our own common sense and disregard anything he posts, especially considering his motives.

Yeah, he's just one of the few lately!

He already admitted he supports Romney. Says we are fun.

I noticed in Wisconsin..

that during the entire vote count, no matter where the votes came from, Dr. Paul never got over 10/11%. It does not seem possible that his percentage never changed, no matter where the votes were coming from. I believe this is also the state where someone on the Daily Paul noted the % of returns when it was at 1% and said, just wait, this is how the final vote will turnout. And, they were correct. Is the entire state voting on Diebold?

that's quite common in elections

There's one group of people complaining that the percentages change over time, and saying that this is evidence of election fraud. Another group is complaining that the percentages didn't change enough, and this is likewise election fraud. It's sometimes hard to follow. How much should the powers that be at CNN make the vote totals change on Tuesday so that no one notices the fraud being perpetrated?

Do we have a lawyer in the

Do we have a lawyer in the house?

Blame Game

What are your thoughts about Obama playing the Blame Game?

For Liberty,


Shine the light on this guys!

Electronic voting was pushed on us to control all future elections.

"Elections are not determined by the voters, but by the vote counters" - Joe Stalin.

The Bush-Gore thing was never a reason to go from countable and re-countable to pre-determined, programmed results for which no recount is possible.

It was a fraud from the start.

End Diebold.

Best of luck in your efforts, God Bless you!

Agree with you!


Evidence of vote fraud in one county is not evidence of fraud...

Evidence of fraud would include precinct totals for everyone who voted. Have you started taking an accurate, full accounting record?

The number one suggestion would be to start doing all inner-city precincts, then cross across the state and get affidavits from virtually every voter around Wisconsin. The legal team would need to pay counsel/assist with this process.

As I see you did this with one county, you should be well aware this coordinated action requires being repeated across the state.

Simple Sam, there are truth-seekers

on the ground, right now, in Wisconsin attempting to confirm the vote. There is a pretty big effort actually, but this is a daunting task. We're on it!! Anyone in WI that wants to help, email me (PM).

Shouldn't the people demand a

Shouldn't the people demand a new vote and hand counting? It has been shown that electronic counters can be rigged and it seems foolish to keep using them.

Well, that was long and I did

Well, that was long and I did not read all of it but the first paragraph was so good it gave me goosebumps.....WAHOR! and WTG!

Not sufficient evidence

Not sufficient evidence presented in post.


Excellent activism. Where's video of you being removed from exit polling?!

can we just go ahead

And serve every county in every state to include the ones that have yet to convene and get the ball rolling?

You are absolutely right...

and thank you for your activism. More of these thieves need to know that they will be served for voter fraud. It will scare the bejesus out of them and (maybe) make them come clean.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I have one word for you...predator drones. Oh, you think I'm kidding?" Obombya


I hope fraud can be proven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice work