Calling all Michiganders! Ron Paul coming to Mackinaw City/Mackinac Island Today!

Today is a big day for us here in Northern Michigan. It seems like just yesterday when I was speaking with the Charlevoix county GOP chairman about Ron Paul coming to the Mackinac Conference on Mackinac Island (

He'll be arriving from the downstate Detroit area later this afternoon and will receive a hero's welcome at the Shepler's Ferry ( dock at 6 pm. Supporters will have the honor to join Ron Paul on the ferry ride from Mackinaw City over to Mackinac Island ( On the island there are no motorized vehicles allowed - just horses, buggies, and bikes. (Note: the horse poop-scoopers will be extra-busy cleaning up after all the OTHER GOP candidates!). We'll escort Dr. Paul, in a parade fashion, on foot, from the ferry dock to the Grand Hotel (, where he'll join ALL the GOP candidates, plus Newt Gingrich and many other key leaders from the Michigan GOP at the hotel. There is a dinner for Ron Paul supporters at Mary's Bistro on the island from 6:30 - 9:00 pm, and Ron Paul will be visiting all of us sometime during that dinner.

There'll be an all-day rally today, Friday, in Mackinaw City that'll probably spill over to the island. Many Ron Paul supporters will be coming into town for this event. Please, spread the word to all those you know that live in, or around Northern Michigan. We want to make sure that Dr. Paul has 10x more supporters around him at all times while he's here.

Saturday morning, conference pass holders ($100 - and still available) will be able to join Dr. Paul during breakfast at the Grand Hotel ($20). After breakfast there'll be other opportunities to Ron Paul supporters to both donate and to support our man.

Norm Jones, of WTCM-AM 580, in Traverse City, did a fantastic job in about a 15 minute interview with Dr. Paul on Wednesday morning. It was a great prelude to his visiting this area, and will likely give him a boost with the locals. If I can get a clip of the interview I'll be posting it here. Any questions on the conference, please contact me at 231-758-4183. Go Ron Paul!

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Yooper stuck in wisconsin

I'm curious, how are we doing for support in the U.P. ? I'm originally from Republic btw. Any yoopers round here?


Ya, I'm from Menominee, but I'm stuck down here in St Louis, MO. My family in the U.P. is pure Republican Party...can't stand to hear bad things about Mr. Bush...they think I'm a commie for being against this war. I just watched my nephew graduate from Marine boot camp in San Diego and I couldn't help but think how much harder I'm going to have to work to keep him and his 600 fellow graduates from ending up in Iraq, Iran, or some other forsaken desert.
Hope the Yoopers give Dr. Paul the welcome he deserves.