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TICK, TOCK...TICK, TOCK...Throwing Down The Gauntlet. Hey Paid Staff: Attack Romney Now!



I have been a Ron Paul supporter for decades, and was the first person from Maine to come out for him five+ years ago when he announced his first run for the Republican nomination. Heck, I can remember when the very first Ron Paul meetup group had a dozen posters on it in January of 2007, and it was just me and Justine Lam of the campaign. "The Granny Warrior" (Linda Honeycutt) told me plenty about the loose morals at the national HQ.

I was the guy who called out Jesse Benton after the paid staff refused to verify the Ames Straw Poll vote in 2007 (remember that Jesse?) because he just plain stopped going after T.V. appearances for Ron after we were declared 5th at Ames (when we had either the first or second most supporters at Ames.) After I called and complained, that same afternoon, Jesse went back and DID HIS JOB and got us three appearances, after two weeks of NOTHING.

I was one of many who pulled the FEC reports on the 2008 campaign and discovered that millions of dollars were spent on production of ads that never ran, and I was the only radio host who reported that.

I was the guy who outed the bankster scion that Debbie Hopper hired to "run Maine" who left the country for the two weeks leading up to our state convention, had an open "international line" on our supposedly-private strategy conference calls, promised we would meet privately before the convention and then held the meeting right next to an ongoing RINO State Committee meeting and let the RINO State Chair walk right in on our session, promised us "5 or 6" delegates to the national convention, and then we got only one (who was pretty much a RINO himself.)

I was the guy who (based on Linda's observations) called out the Arlington staff for immoral drinking parties, homosexual sex in the national HQ, etc., and then was told these things never happened, only to have them eventually confirmed by Debbie Hopper on RonPaulForums.

In short...I have had an AWFUL LOT to be skeptical about entering this second Republican race, and I must say I have been very pleased with the improvements in the quality of the staff, and the truly patriotic long-standing credentials of some (far from "all") hires this time around. It has been a lot, lot, better this time. Even Jesse has done better...

BUT...and here is the HUGE "BUT"....NOW IS THE TIME TO BEGIN ATTACKING ROMNEY WITH THE HARDEST HITTING OF THE MULTITUDE OF FACTS ABOUT THIS CAT THAT WOULD SINK HIM and change the entire race. I've been waiting since Santorum dropped out for these ads to begin. What are we waiting for?!?!? Any further refusal to attack Romney hard can only lead to one thing: DEFEAT.

Here, then, is the gauntlet...and I do not care if it costs me my well-deserved campaign endorsements to Tampa, or the Maine State Republican Committee seat (which I'm pretty sure it will.) It must be said.

You people either take on Romney HARD AND FOR REAL WITH ALL GUNS BLAZING NOW or questions about the real intent of this campaign will be raised again on my show and everywhere else you can think of. We will NOT permit the hard-working contributors to be hoodwinked for a second time. Yes, this is a movement, and I get that, but it SURE AS HECK BETTER BE A REAL PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN AS WELL this time after what was done to us in '08!

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
780 AM in Monticello, 1700 AM in Lewiston, 88.1 FM in Westbrook, 88.1 FM in Orono, 96.5 FM in Brewer, 96.5 FM in Bangor, Maine.

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Why is this thread now in

Why is this thread now in Off-Topic?

Is a very relevant question of attacking liar-frontrunner now considered off-topic to "Ron Paul 2012" campaign? What is/was this campaign supposed to be all about, if this is considered off-topic?

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

A short and simple ad...

All black...then, in crescendo, voices from rallies,
crowds chanting:
“President Paul! President Paul!!”
…fading in– footage of huge crowds all over America,
chanting, louder: “President Paul!! President Paul!!!”
Now images of crowds all over the world chanting the same...
and the final scene pans to—> the future President of the United States, Dr. Ron Paul taking the stage.
Fade to black and

There. 20 seconds. No negativity, no games.
Leave people intrigued as to who this man, that inspires so many, the world over.
Very intriguing to all of our countrymen who haven't even heard his name on the TV since the Nevada primary, if that. Why are all these humans so optimistic? “Who is this Ron Paul”? Am I being lied to....(?)




That is how we bring him down.

Apparently, we're too buddy, buddy with him to do that.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I agree

but not, in ads. In speeches and debates, tear that puppet son of a b- a new one, linguistically speaking.
Strongly worded statements, controversial even, make news.
Remember all the free press that the 'fake' comment about Santorum received?
Its time the staff read Sun Tzu's Art of War (if they haven't already), -vocal attacks, out of the blue, by a supposed 'friend' would be unexpected, but it also may make Mittens' supporters actually more likely to show up and vote, whereas now those numbers will be (should be) dwindling since the talking box in their living room is telling them that he's the nominee. I don't know Steve, this is tough, I can see strategy either way. It is very possible that the campaign is taking a page from the Art of War, and that the strategy is working not in spite of, but rather precisely because Ron Paul appears non-threatening, and quasi-defeatist in interviews. If this is the case, then that is frighteningly brilliant.

Israel Anderson of

Israel Anderson of ronpaulflix just said:

Being in black only by $2 million is NOT enough for running GOOD ads in Texas TV market. We can only get cheesy ads for that kind of money. There needs to be more money, which is exactly why last moneybomb was set for $2.5 million target. It has barely crossed $1.5 million NOW, so we're still $1 million short.

I don't know how Israel Anderson got info about Texas TV market.

I go back to my earlier statement: Looks like campaign dropped the ball NOT milking rally momentum with fundraising. When I went to rally in Berkeley, there was ABSOLUTELY no information about moneybomb being told to anyone. I knew about it, but campaign officially did squiddly to announce about moneybomb before/after the speech. I think that's ridiculously negligent on part of the campaign to waste such valuable opportunity.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

I think we have our answer...

The candidate basically agreed (Fox Business News) tonight with Neil Cavuto that it is basically over. He said nothing about the frontrunner being a total LIAR and CHANGE AGENT.

I guess we are saving more of our CAMPAIGN donation money for C4L, just like 4 years ago?

Why waste it on ads in Texas to try to win the nomination?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Maybe this signals there...

...is a third party run coming?

He still denies that though.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

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deleted..wrong thread

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Thanks for this post. The campaign just responded.

See- Doug Wead: Dr Ron Paul vs. Mitt- A Brutal Battle


THIS is a "brutal battle?"


Yea, our delegate strategy is working beautifully (in most places, with notable exceptions in MT, WY, ND, ID...) but this has not been a "brutal battle" between AN EXTREMELY VULNERABLE CORPORATE-MONOPOLIST AND OBVIOUS ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE AND THE CONSTITUTION, and an honest statesman.

The toughest things we've said about him are that he is "for big government, and has changed his positions many times." Heck, that describes every single neocon still controlling the Republican Party!


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


RON PAUL... please issue the following order to your staff!



...and hit him too!


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Tick, tock...

The hourglass is almost empty.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

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...The Tortoise and the Hare.


How do you know what the campaign is doing?

Give me a break. You make it seem so easy. Just run attact adds. That simple. How do you know the campaign has not tried to buy adds and were not able to? The media has no obligation to sell are time if they choose not to. The revolution is not going to be televised. Get that tru your head. The only way this revolution is going to win is by taking over the GOP by grass root activisim and changing all states to caucus primaries that cannot be rigged. Outside of that...

A goverment that makes nonviolent revolution impossible makes violent revolution inevitable. John Fitsgerald Kennedy

Attacking the empire

You Americans have the best tactics at the roots of your hard-fought liberty. Guerilla-tactics took down the empire in the beginning. You will not win with guns drawn and blazing riding through town trying to take down 'the beast'.

However you will cut him down with a thousand papercuts. You will weaken him as you have done the Regulars. That means hitting them where they cannot reach you; in personal contact.

- Build effort to canvas texas. Do it fast.
- Get into the phone from home program. Do it fast.
- Adopt a republican from texas. Make it count.

Personal contact. That is where media influence doesn't count. That is where a connection can be made. Where a smile can be exchanged and a seed of liberty will be planted.

Just my 2 cents! Good Luck.

Dutch Ron Paul blog: http://www.paulitiek.nl | Paul Campaign Google Maps: share the victories with your Friends! http://g.co/maps/rcw2y

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...the words of the man in the white gilded garments speaks well for the color of truth.

Red is the color of the blood shed...for liberty...for freedom...this is a High Priority and every Texas person should be doing all they can as you suggest.

Just a stranger in a strange land...but I hear those Texans can get pretty riled up if they realize the gates are being breached by romulans at the Ron Paul Alamo.


Just wish I could vote your comment up more

You, my friend , are exactly right


No one is talking about "guns"...YET. We want to avoid that.

I was disappointed by Reagan.
I was disappointed by Perot.
I was disappointed by Buchanan.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

campaign to attack romney?

everyone knows that dr.paul says that mitt is a flip flopper. everyone knows that dr.paul does not agree with romney's positions, he has said so in every interview that i have listened to. what more can he say? instead of criticizing what dr.paul is doing, or not doing, why aren't you guys out there banging the drum for what you believe in. you may have a radio show, steve, but the only people that listen are the ones that agree with you. you need to get out and talk to the people that don't agree with you. when the time is right, dr.paul will do what is necessary, until then he needs the delegates to win the nomination. if you are so gungho about blood letting then you need to go out and do it yourself. course you might make more enemies for dr.paul than friends. after all, it is we who determine what the results are going to be.


Truthbearer's picture

We are...

...what we Do...not what we say.

Time passes to reveal God's perfect plan...like it or not...it is what it is and all a test saying...can you handle this conflict...and...how will you overcome to learn the lesson and then move on?

We are all angry after waking up and seeing the horrendous amounts of horrible truths. War is not for America. We do not want it any more. The deceptions to continue these perpetual endless baseless wars for some banksters profit in a land far away is endless, and the nation of lemmings continue to absorb the lies and disinformation skorked out upon the innocent masses every day. Stop all spending on all the military bases around the world alone, and we would save the economy. There would be so much $$$ they would pay people a hundred dollars an hour to pick up trash. Everyone could always pick up a quick hundie to go out and spend in the booming economy. Plenty for all if you want to work for it. In a week, you could buy a car. In two or three, a really nice car! Imagine owning your own home in less than a year.

Fortunately, for the force of Truth, more and more are seeing it also and turning the tide towards the appointed destination...be it whatever. If the youth were to actually get out the vote and actually DO what they say, the world would change. If they don't, there will come the day they will remember they had the historical chance to do so. Stop the tyranny!

Face with determination the winds of conflict, for like the lies in the words cut in the tidal sands, they too shall pass.



I don't think so.

A bet half of Texas voters couldn't tell you more than one or two things about Romney, and most of that would be lies from the MSM about how wonderful he is.


"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Please let the chess master play his game.

Dr. Paul know exactly what he is doing. We are getting close to a real one on one battle for the duration of the nomination process. When the real debates come, Ron will slay Mitt. And Ron also knows the attention span and flip flop nature of people in general means let the interest and momentum build until the exact time to go all in for the win. It could literally all happen within weeks of the convention or even at the convention, so be patient.


What 'real debates'?

It was announced during the last debate on feb 22nd that there would be no more gop debates. Where have you been for the past several months?

It could happen at the convention you say?? Are you in the business of misleading people and pulling their leg?

May I ask what exactly Dr. Paul 'knows' from your first sentence?

Since you are so good at reading a so-called 'chess game', what exactly has happened in the chess game?


Debates are inevitable. Ron did not drop out so it is impossible

for the media to ignore him now that the other candidates are out. If Ron's campaign challenges Mitt to a debate, there will be a debate. It is irrelevant that the media claims there would be no more debates. That is simply their misguided plan to crown Romney backfiring now since they thought Ron would have dropped out by now. If they ignore further debates it will bite them in the ass as we have way too much momentum now. The only thing left that can screw up a one on one exposure and win over Romney will be if Santorum comes back in after his little hiatus. And as far as what can happen at the convention, just look at Harding's winning the nomination back in 1920.

And please check yourself on thinking I am in the business of misleading people. I have been in Ron Paul's camp since I was in college in the 1970's and started supporting him. I've waited nearly 40 years to see this man finally reach what he deserves and I am sorry, but I trust this man and that he knows what he is doing. I was at the debates in Simi Valley and Las Vegas this year and met he and his wife, and I was most recently at the Chico speech. He is a master tactician and chess player in politics. That is the sole reason he is still in the race. Look at Cain, Bachman, Perry and all the other clowns who came and went. You need to do a little more homework before trying to school a man who has spent his entire adult life researching and learning everything that Dr. Paul professes. If you honestly cannot see how Ron has played out this game over the last election cycle, then you need to spend a bit more time understanding the delegate process and what Doug Wead and the campaign are doing, especially considering the limited resources and not having a Goldman Sacs sugar daddy to give unlimited funds to the campaign. This is a true grass roots campaign like none ever seen. The entire world is watching this.


Why would Romney agree to

Why would Romney agree to debate Paul? He has nothing to gain and everything to lose. He will not look bad if he refuses. He can simply say that the candidates agreed months ago to the debate schedule, and there would be no debates in May. He has a huge lead, and people will think this is just Ron Paul being desperate, despite having no chance (and yes this is what the media would say). Romney does not have to debate Paul and it would stupid for him to do so. The media will occasionally cover Paul, and when they do they will drive home the meme that he can't win and he's just sticking around to get out the message


...given the evidence of FRAUD AGAINST THE SUPPORTERS within the campaign four years ago (ample reason for the grassroots to remain vigilant,) pardon me if I don't join you in your optimism that there is some super-secret successful strategy available to us that involves NOT ATTACKING FLIP before Texas.

Yea...it bolsters other possibilities...a Ron Paul post in the cabinet, a V.P. Shot for Rand...But that is NOT what most of us are here for.

We lose big in Texas, and there is no tomorrow for this '12 nomination race. PERIOD.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

most supporters don't seem to care

like you do or do their research as you've done. so people are off the hook when not held accountable.




"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Ron does not attack period.

And the only result I want is that man in the white house as POTUS Everything else is failure and I will be packing to go live on an island somewhere and have my garden cause I'll be done with this shit.

Unfortunately, he methodically and systematically works very deliberately as his tact. I get as frustrated as anyone that there is not more of an aggressive effort target at Romney. It is just not his way and we don't have the budget. Could you imagine if we were running national ads on a consistent basis like the one about China occupying the US and some of the harder hitting pieces. We would win in a landslide, but they are doing what they can. When one :30 spot during the Super Bowl is 7 million, 2 million in the bank isn't going to do it.

Now if by attack Romney means demanding a debate, that is to me the single best place to put our energy as if we can make it happen, it does not cost the campaign. Just one good one on one and we destroy Mitt.