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North Carolina: Vote for Ron Paul Now

I voted for Ron Paul yesterday in the North Carolina primary. The election date is May 8, but early voting is now open. If you are registered as either Unaffiliated or Republican, you may vote in the Republican primary.

This seems to be a very quiet election as far as the presidential primary (other races, such as for governor, are hotter, and there's a controversial anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot, too).

I can't even figure out if the RP campaign plans to do any campaigning here. There are no Ron Paul OR Mitt Romney signs, at least in my area; no TV ads; no robo-calls. Nothing in the media, either.

But if you live in NC you can go vote for Ron Paul now. Just check on where and when early voting is being held in your county.

When I voted, there was one other person at my early-voting location (besides the workers) and she was getting a Democrat ballot. According to the voting machine, 142 people had voted at that location since early voting started the day before. That seems like actually a pretty strong turnout for one location during early voting.

On my Republican ballot, Romney, Paul, Santorum and Gingrich were all listed. I figure most people voting Republican in NC will just zombie-like mark their ballot for Romney, because (they think) he already has the nomination sewed up.

But who knows? Things are so quiet here, presidential-primary-wise, there could be a surprise if RP folks do show up and vote.

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Newt in NC

Turns out that Gingrich has been campaigning actively in NC. Makes sense. He's still pursuing his southern strategy, which got him whatever success (South Carolina) he's had so far. He's probably especially targeting evangelicals in NC, hoping to pick up Santorum supporters.

I did see something in today's news, though, that suggests that he may drop out if he doesn't do well in the Delaware primary. That would be before NC's election date, I think.

UPDATE: Actually, the Delaware primary is today, I believe.

Ron Paul endorsed ONE candidate in NC

State Representative Glen Bradley for State Senate.

You can read Ron Paul's endorsement here:

Please don't let Ron Paul down. Contribute to Glen Bradley's campaign: http://GlenBradley2012.com

Glen has been a long time advocate for Ron Paul and endorsed Ron Paul as a State Representative.

If you know anyone who lives in Franklin or Wake counties, please make sure they are aware of a Ron Paul candidate in the State Senate race.

thanks for bringing this up.

thanks for bringing this up. my mum is in raleigh and she has recently become a paul supporter too :-) I know she will endorse Glen as well. am still working on a few others in that area...


His opponent is an establishment candidate (assistant for the House Majority Leader) who will not rock the boat.

Also, only parts of Wake County are in the new Senate District 18.

The more money Glen can raise, the more mailers he can send out so please contribute any amount you are comfortable with.

I don't like the thought of a

I don't like the thought of a primary lasting from now until May. It just gives them more time to rig the vote.


More reason to prove the vote through www.ronpaulvotecount.org

This is absolute, court-verifiable proof of your vote. All Ron Paul people do this, and we stop the fraud. See:

i dont like the way there

i dont like the way there aren't any signs letting anyone know its early voting time. i'll be working the polls and will definately keep eyes open for any shennanigans...there is already a group stealing our rp signs near the courthouse.

new bern here

we've got some signs out and are having weekly mtgs. feel certain district 3 (walter jones) will get a delegate(s) with the group there today. keep the faith. we are starting to crawl out of the woodworks here :-)

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I'm in NC and bought super brochures

for my precinct. There are over 90 supervoters here and I'm curious to see if the brochures will have an impact. There are no signs for any presidential candidates in anyone's yard (except mine) so things could get interesting here.

I am in Asheville

I have put signs up, but don't have anymore yard signs. I will be bringing all the adults and college students my son can gather, hopefully a lot.

I'm near Chapel Hill

Was hoping they might have Ron Paul speak at UNC, or maybe Duke (where he got his M.D., after all). But I have not heard of any planned speaking engagements in NC. Maybe the campaign is putting its eggs into New York at the moment.

Would love to see him come to UNC as well

It's about 15 minutes from me... The official primary is on May 8th so we probably won't see him here anytime soon.

I think you are right.. we need to clone Ron Paul!



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