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Just Returned From The Texas GOP District 17 Convention

Good news I was the only one besides the Precinct Chairman who showed up for our precinct and had 1 state delegate position for our precint which I got. Goes to show you sometimes you just need to show up.

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Now that's some common sense...just show up!!!
Great job!


thanks for ur effort ! one step closer !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

From our group


There was even a precinct where the incumbent precinct chair and a candidate running for judge were pushed off the slate and our 4 people filled the spots!!

Harris County is the most heavily populated county in Texas. Turnout was about 50% of what it was in 2008. If the idea remains that Romney is a shoe-in, less establishment people will show up for the State convention, which will give us an even higher percentage of attendees.

Ron Paul live this week in Texas

Ron Paul will be speaking live in El Paso, Austin and Houston this week, 4/25 - 4/26 - 4/27 respectively.

I believe there is information on how to reserve seats on the Events forum.

"I sleep well." Ron Paul

Yes - definitely reserve your seat.

It's free - but it lets them get an expectation of the size venue to reserve - and if you haven't reserved, and they fill to capacity, you won't be admitted (due to fire regs). So, there's no drawback to reserving.


I was there as well! SD 17 I think overall it was a great experience and things will fall in our favor. It has been said before "just show up!!"

I too was in your district

I too was in your district and got a slot. I wanted to their with something that other dpers would recognize, but didn't know what it would be without me standing out.

SD 18 - Fort Bend Co.

Everyone who wanted to go to the state convention in our Senate District was seated, with 0 alternates. I believe our total was 125, and I am guessing that about a dozen are Paul supporters.


I've always heard the quote - "90% of success is just showing up" - and you just proved it to be a true!

The world is run by those that show up!

The world is run by those that show up!

So in Texas, delegates are

So in Texas, delegates are selected by State Senate District, not House District or County Convention?


IF your County is in MULTIPLE Senate Districts, you have SD...

conventions. IF your county is WHOLLY within one Senate District, you have a County Convention.

(I've lived in both settings.)

It was the same for our county meeting

and we didn't even fill our slate (15 of 18). If I could have just taken 3 friends, we could have doubled our support, and there would have been no contest...

I am Ron Paul.

I was selected today along

I was selected today as a delegate along with at least 7 others who were 100% Ron Paul people. I would guess there were many more, but I didn't have time to talk to everyone. This was in North Texas.

Psst... Don't tell anyone,

Psst... Don't tell anyone, but we took 58% of the delegates in my Texas county, and 50% of the alternates. Some alternates will be seated so I expect 60%+ at state!

Same story here

And I'm going to state.

Boy was Pete Olson ever a cornball. First they made a bunch of Romney-dog wisecracks in his introduction, then he promptly said Romney was the nominee and then said we should be a country that uses lethal force and the world should live in fear of us. I'm no pacifist but whatever happened to "speak softly..." And that's the horsefeces I actually listened to. No telling what he said when I was tuned out. Well it was my first GOP convention and I wasn't impressed by the cheer leading of big govt. The vibe still is that neo-cons think rule by man is fine and dandy as long as it's them in charge. We will change that.

Also it looks like Cruz is the Liberty candidate at least he has Rand Paul's endorsement. I also heard he doesn't run with the "get along gang" like our other wonderful Senators from TX do. The guy at the convention who endorsed the Lt Gov (career politician) pretty much said he's smarter than you so you should vote for him. Seemed kind of arrogant to me.

I almost booed him

When he said " we need a mighty military so everyone fears us"

Do your best have no expectations

Who said that?


he voted for the patriot act

hence the criticism. I wasn't jumping up there to get my picture snapped w/him.

Your Convention wasn't like mine at all.

There were probably supporters of all the Presidential candidates, but the speeches just mentioned that we need to increase Chicago's population by 4. We focused on what we have in common, not what divides us.


... but unbelievable boring and uninspiring. Good grief, talk about lack of leadership. I guess they came "to bury Caesar," which is why "the anyone but Obama" slogan was so often quoted. Their presumptive "nominee" carries so much baggage that they have to sell him as an "anyone but..." candidate. Kind of offensive to the poor rich man, actually. (Anyway, I'm an alternate, for what it is worth).

Plano TX

BTW: Leppert has "Privatization" experience? Reeeeally?!

That's when I considered booing but I noticed nobody did so I just gave a look of incredulity. 1/2 a billion for a hotel and he claims to be a privatizer?

He's getting better as a speaker, but that nose ought to be growing with those whopper fibs!

I thought it was fun, but they need a better parliamentarian

I think we may have attended the same one, since you're a Plano-ite. I thought it was fun, but then I always attend. My biggest gripe would be that parliamentarian needs to go. The folks who went ballistic made a "mountain out of a mole hill" in my opinion, but the Parliamentarian invited it by being ignorant. The answer to a procedural question is never substance - it's procedure.

I was disappointed Ted Cruz didn't show up, since all his competitors did.

Some of my resolutions made it to the floor, so I did my part to make our message better. One of them was very Pro-Paul, and another one Paul would support that another delegate submitted made it through, too!

Cruz is the establishment

Cruz is the establishment guy! Glenn Addison is the liberty candidate. Rand is just trying to get in with the establishment. You gotta join 'em to beat 'em!

I don't buy that.

...I've not heard of Glenn Addison. This late in the game, that's relevant!

Plus, Rand joins Sen. Jim DeMint, who stands up for conservatism and has ticked off a lot of the Establishment by backing less go-along-to-get-along candidates in favor of more strident but long-shot candidates.

At some point, I wonder if you're declaring anything short of perfection "establishment"? When Rand Paul stands up for Natl. Right to Work Legislation, against adding more substances to the Schedule 1 drug ban, and against the NDAA, he's not being the establishment's darling.

(McConnell is probably still snarling that he couldn't get his boi into the Senate.)

I don't see..

... reason to vote for any candidate who is not willing to come out and endorse Ron Paul. More of the same just remains more of the same. I think Rand Paul should stop endorsing candidates willy-nilly, other than the true blue Constitutionalists like Justin Amash. There none here in Texas as we speak. Deborah Medina is waiting in the wings. I'm already throwing "cash in a can" for future use in anticipation of her next gubernatorial race. I can't wait.

Plano TX

Romney came out for Paul

...remember his facebook status about how we need a Constitutionalist? Remember in New Hampshire how he ducked the birth control question by saying, "we can ask our Constitutionalist here [Ron Paul]?"

Good for our future.

Deb is still active. Here is an announcement that she is going to testify before the Ways and Means committee of our legislature regarding property taxes. She has requested support from We Texans.

"We Texans Executive Director Debra Medina has been invited to testify before the House Ways & Means Committee on Thursday, May 3 at 10:00am regarding the elimination of the property tax in Texas. We need a strong showing of support at this hearing. You can help by attending the hearing and by paying a visit to key legislators' offices that day. Please save the date and make arrangements to be in Austin if possible. We will be available in The Capitol Grill at 9:00am the morning of the hearing to share information about what will take place at the hearing, organize visits to legislators' offices after the hearing and answer any questions you may have. The Capitol Grill is located in the Capitol Extension E1.002 (see map) Please make plans to join us if you can and make your voice heard in Austin."

Glenn Addison is the guy most like Ron Paul

Cruz just pretends he is Liberty minded. He has more money behind him than Addison and will probably win. I don't trust him. He likes to pull out his little pocket constitution card out of his jacket all the time. He is better than Dewhurst, but that's not saying much.

oh, just saw Cruz on National Review

Kiss of death for me.

And Levin endorsed as well. BARRRFFF

Checking out Addison now. Doesn't seem to be enough meat in his profile.