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Just Returned From The Texas GOP District 17 Convention

Good news I was the only one besides the Precinct Chairman who showed up for our precinct and had 1 state delegate position for our precint which I got. Goes to show you sometimes you just need to show up.

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I read NR - agree 65%; Won't listen to Levin

So I'm 45% + 100% / 2 = 72.5% with you.

Nor is saying he has more money.

Having money doesn't mean you're bought.

Now, I'm not saying there isn't some dirt about which i don't know. I'm just saying being well funded isn't evidence.

How about the company he keeps?

His wife is a VP at Goldman Sachs and was on the Council on Foreign Relations for 5 years. He is a fraud that is running against a moderate. His position is easy. "I am Conservative".

Glen Addison is our guy. "Google Glen Addison". LOL

I'm sure some honest folks work for Goldman Sachs

The criticism of Romney is that its his biggest contributor, which is a little different than saying he happens to punch a clock there from 8-5. I bet there are lots of Veeps.

I will google him, but my point wasn't that I didn't know how to figure out more about him, my point was that as someone who follows politics / current events at least slightly more than average, if he isn't on my radar, then he has zero chance of winning. Cruz has a chance, and he understands that saying you cut the budget when you really just let the Federal Government pick up more of the tab is not a cut, it's just a shift as to which ledger (federal / state) will record the spending.

Now, I am concerned about that Council on Foreign Relations link. That seems to be an organization that promotes the "American Exceptionalism" justifies American Hegemony worldview, but tries to take a mainstream, reasonable posture about itself while promoting its dogma. That's a problem.


Her job is less of an issue to me than her role in CFR.

To me, the Dewhurst/Cruz/Addison race comes down to this - Dewhurst might as well be a Democrat, Cruz is a moderate in conservative clothing, and Addison is a Constitutionalist Conservative. Easy choice for me, win, lose, or draw.

I can no longer vote for someone who does not meet my standards. I would rather vote for the loser 100% of the time than continue to accept the party's decision as to who will represent me.

I can say with a good bit of confidence that the Texas GOP will be run by Liberty minded people come 2014. WE will be the establishment, whether Paul is our President or not. As a nation, we should have made this happen in 2008, but better late than never.

I hope so.

I support that last part.

What are some of the issues upon which Addison is so much better? I wasn't a Medina fan. I'm not for anyone just because they have an "R" next to their name - and I was glad Christine O'Donnell took the entitled Mr. Castle out (losing the Senate was worth it to me) - but Sen. Rand Paul likes Cruz, and on the issues, Cruz sounds good. It's the spending and NDAA on which I support Cruz, but if his record indicates deception or if Addison is stronger, then that's worth considering.

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Delegate Day Stories

This demonstrates that it is not only important to show up, but critical that you bring family/friends with you.

In Texas

The one delegate that shows up votes the entire delegate strength of his/her precinct. We had a Ron Paul delegate vote 42, I believe. It's awesome when it happens!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947


and we also had a woman singlehandedly take the chair from BB. She had a count of something like 25. But overall, I guess it turned out pretty good. At least all of our meetup who wanted to go wound up on the delegate and alternate slates.

Not saying where but we took

Not saying where but we took 50+ Delegate/Alternate seats to State.

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Right down the hall with SD 15

Two showed from our split district and we were grouped with several other districts to place 9 each.

One of us took a delegate spot and the other an alternative.

Our SD managed to pass a resolution to not tax the air we breathe.

I also learned that if all 9,000 delegates and alternatives get placed there will be a potential 18,000 people for the state convention.

"I sleep well." Ron Paul

There will probably be 5000

There will probably be 5000 to 6000 total.


That gives me hope! Maybe I won't have to be super capable of debating and doing verbal legal battles in order to be a delegate.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Good News! But I heard The RNC Dumped Ron Paul From The Race

CNN instigated the whole affair...There is going to be a rebellion now..

I didn't know ...

... it was up to them.

From SD 17 also

5 from my precinct - 3 RP, 2 - Santorum (WHAT!!!!!!)

you had a question about delegates for Santorum?

I think he plans to show back up in Tampa and try to take advantage of a brokered convention. He only 'suspended' his campaign. There is another prominent thread here about a letter that was sent out by a near follower of his, that he wants his people to still send delegates in his name to 'fight for his issues' which include a proactive and strong military. He supposedly told some of his "inner circle" to still try and force a brokered convention. The thought on this is that they want to have some say in who will be veep, but maybe he wants that slot. He still seems to hate Mitt but I think he is delusional enough to think the evangelicals will hold enough sway to force Romney to pick him, ala the fantasies that our forces would make Mitt modify his policies.

My take on this is 'go for it, buddy'. Anything to force a second ballot. We can take Santorum any time, anywhere.


I am an alternate along with 3 friends I invited LAST NIGHT! They said they would go so I was overjoyed!

So Mitt has everything

So Mitt has everything packed? ;-)

Everyone that wanted to be a delegate got to be one!

I wont say which SD, but out of the 12 slots, 6 were known supporters, 3 were "anyone but Romney's" (which means they'll switch to Ron Paul if it is proved that he can win!) and the other 3 might be establishment! Doesn't get any better than that!!!

Same at my SD convention

Our delegation, though small, is a great mix from a wide variety of backgrounds. All of you will be proud to know the attitudes expressed at our convention would make Dr. Paul happy. I believe our delegation will vote for Paul given the opportunity and given a motivating factor or two. The recent moneybomb definitely helps point to Dr. Paul's viability, and his packed rallies point to his growing popularity. His return swing through Texas at the end of April is going to be another motivating factor as he will be speaking in El Paso, Austin and Houston. The last two should be packed ... I'm hoping that El Paso surprises me with a packed event too!

The one problem we had at our SD convention with this mixed up schedule (i.e. SD/County conventions held prior to Precinct Conventions) is that very few of us had prepared resolutions to submit for consideration for the state platform.

It is always comforting to attend a local political function and find yourself amongst people of a like mind ... not total robots either.

recent polls on Paul and Romney

here is a link to my post:


Ron Paul ... forever.

TX SD 22

Turnout equaled the number of delgate spots (122 - 125) so all move on to state. I'll see you there :)

SD11 Galveston

Low turn out everyone that attended is a delegate. Hard to tell who supported who not one T shirt campaign button sign for a presidential candidate at or near the convention and not one mention of any presidential candidate. I would guess that there were around 300 or so I think there were alocated 330 delegates. I would say 60% in attendance were family of GOP candidates or the candidates themselves. I am sure there were 10 or more RP suporters I am sure of myself and 2 others I talked to. Well its off to state.


I'ts not as bad as that sounds

I'd say we have 25 or so from a delegation of about 110 who wanted to go to state. Not bad especially considering they had around 139 available primary delegate slots.

Now that you mention it I think your numbers

139 is more accurate ill make a correction. Meybe you know some of the RP delegates that attended. Thats good news.



I just got home from our county convention. I am GOING to the state convention in Ft Worth in June as an alternate. After speaking to my county chair, more than likely I could be seated as not all delegates should be there or stay seated. I am so excited !!!
Any tips would be appreciated!

I prefer a dangerous freedom over a peaceful slavery. Thomas Jefferson


Watch CSPAN videos of other conventions. See how they resolve conflicts, and get familiar with how Robert's Rules of Order are used. Stay in contact with organizers. Take snacks for yourself and others (stamina is important, plus, you can often buy votes with snacks!).

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Hey, that's great advice.

Hey, that's great advice. I'll keep that in mind to relay to others.

Hood County

It all depends on turnout, our county convention had 110+ people show up, about 15-20 paul people and we all got alternate or delegate slots... this time by staying under the radar... so out of 76, 20 is ok but only if we fill the delegate slots with our alternates, 38 state delegate slots... hope it works out