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Out of MN Congressional District.

It sounds like my cousin just tweeted CD4 that they have won 3 Out 3 Delegates! I hope the other districts will fare as well!

Reports coming in CD2 is a blowout as well!

Reports from CD1 haven't been confirmed yet, but sounds like 1 Paul, 1 Romney, 1 Santorum.. This was going to be the hardest district... Change CD1 RP wins 2 Delegates!!!

CD8 it sounds like RP has won 2 delegates plus at least one alternate.

It looks like we did very good winning 20 out of 24 Delegates.... Next Round the state convention.

In LIberty!

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I am hearing from my friend that a Romney

alternate got elected because he was a supposed stealth candidate on the Ron Paul slate...

Folks the Battle for Liberty still going on in MN CD1

Reports are they are now on their 15 Ballot... www.quistforcongress.com a Liberty minded individual is down by a few votes... I wonder how long they can keep this fight up!

Its been almost a 12 hr day for these folks at the convention hall...

Keep Fighting for Liberty and become a delegate!

Freaking awesome

Minn you rock, all those Paul delegates going to the National Convention


CD 2 ended with ALL three Paul delegates and ALL three Paul alternates. Way to go guys! Now we just have to sit back and wait for the media to NOT report it.



Is this accurate? 13 left?

"Here is what I think the count of our #mngop 40: Paul 20 Romney 4 Newt 1 Santorum 2 State convention vote left 13. Does anyone disagree w/ #"


CD1 Hearing might be a 3 Way Split... Paul, Romney, Santorum

I haven't back from my friend inCD1 any one else reporting?

I heard from my friend it looks like RP won 2 Delegates!!!

There is a RP Conservative Quist Congressional Candidate and they are in the 8th rounds of Ballots... Still undecided...

That's 16 delegates so far

That's 16 delegates so far outta mn! Few more districts to go!

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

MN CD2 Convention Delegates

Out of a possible 3 delegates from CD2 that go to the national convention, Ron Paul got ALL three!!

I was there and there were so many Ron Paul people. It was a special sight. Many old friends and of course some very energetic new ones!!

Go Ron Paul!!

I cant wait to meet all you Liberty minded folks

at the State Convention... Great job today... I am waiting to hear from my friend in CD1 where it was supposed to be a battle and haven't heard anything from 8 as of yet...

USConstitutionWins, Did Dr. Paul Also Win All 3

Alternates To The National Convention from CD2?

Alternates from MN CD2

I haven't heard about the alternates yet. I will post when I find out.

Reports are coming in that CD 2 might be a blow out!


hope you mean that in a good sense!

let us know!

Glad we're still winning in

Glad we're still winning in Minnesota.





they have ONE 3 out of 3? Are

they have ONE 3 out of 3? Are you people serious?

thanks for the intention I guess.

Sorry people aren't proof reading...

Sorry not everyone decides to meticulously proof read every post before submitting on an online forum tough guy.

sorry if crass spelling errors bother me


Everyday I see on the DP such gems that I just have to say something about it!

Sorry I keep on editing, but it isn't taking everything.

Any ways reports are we won CD 4 taking all 3 delegates!

thanks for the good news =]

thanks for the good news =]