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Winners of the Iowa GOP state central committee elections (Paul supporters hold 6 of 12 seats)

The four GOP district conventions are underway in Iowa today and delegates are electing the board members who will govern the Republican Party of Iowa. Each of Iowa’s four district gets four members on the state central committee. They serve two years.

1st District
Dave Cushman of Dubuque County, a Ron Paul backer...

2nd District
Jeff Shipley of Jefferson County, a Ron Paul backer
Marcus Fedler of Washington County, a Ron Paul supporter...

3rd District
Joel Kurtinitis of Polk County, a Ron Paul supporter
John Kabitzke of Warren County, a Ron Paul backer...

4th District
Kris Thiessen of Clay County, a Ron Paul backer....


Also, from Craig Robinson:

Ron Paul supporters/allies control 10 votes on Iowa Republican state central committee. Out of 18 total votes.


Its my understanding that Ron Paul supporters will control the Iowa Republican state Central Committee with a comfortable margin.


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For the laymen....

...will we have total national delegate counts tonight?

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Iowa's national delegates are selected in one of 3 ways:

1. The state chairman, national committeeman, and national committee woman are automatically delegates (like the Democrats superdelegates).

2. Half of the delegates are elected in "district caucuses" held the Friday night before state convention. Technically the district convention recessess and re-convenes that night. This year, each of the 4 districts will elect 3 delegates and 3 alternates each for a total of 12
(This is the rule the Romneyans tried to change, they wanted to elect delegates today and were telling people that Paul supporters want a "secret meeting" even though this is how its always been done. They're afraid their people won't show up for this meeting.)

3. The other half of the delegates are chosen by the "nominating committee." The committee comes up with a list of names and this list is voted up or down at the state convention.

Hope that helps!

As for the makeup of that nominating committee, I'll just say I'm pleased with the results today.

District 4 here

When you believe and vote the way we do, its not often I get to be on the winning side of elections so today felt great. It was a clean sweep for our people on the committees - credentials, rules, and platform. We had a lot more resistance for our central committee slots but elected one of us and one "friendly" Newt supporter and lost the other 2 by very narrow margins. We took 2 of 2 spots for the committee that will choose half of our national delegates.

There was a major push by some people to change the way delegates are selected (not sure if it came from Romney's campaign or someone locally) that would have made the delegate process less favorable to us. Fortunately, the traditional process in Iowa is one we like, so we could just turn to our neighbors and say "hey, that's how its always done, those people are crazy." Someone in a Ron Paul shirt tried to create a disturbance and join the Romneyite rule change. We're still trying to figure out if it was one dumb Ron Paul supporter, if Romney's folks dressed up someone in our colors, or if someone was trying some reverse pyschology - getting the anti-Paul people to think we were behind the rule change.

Great day for liberty in the Iowa GOP as I'm hearing the other conventions did well too.

The establishment GOP must be

The establishment GOP must be quaking by now at news like this. They are all being replaced into irrelevance and all they have is themselves to blame.

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Close. We got 7/12

District 3 also got Gopal Krishna who is a Paul supporter.

Pottawattamie County Iowa

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Thanks for the good news


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