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Paul Supporters Sweep Oklahoma District 4

From the Ron Paul Forums:

"Today, Ron Paul swept the entire Oklahoma District 4 convention! The Ron Paul R3volution continues in the Sooner State.

There was nothing the establishment could do to stop the surgical precision of the Ron Paul movement, as we swept the entire District 4 convention. Shock and awe was the order of the day and Ron Paul now dominates Oklahoma. The spirit of Ron Paul from Oklahoma District 3, 4 and 5 is going to Tampa. Next, we will fight to fill the slate in the upcoming election of the at-large Oklahoma delegates.

Ron Paul needs delegates, so the Sooner State delivers."


If you remember, we had similar results in districts 3 and 5.

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It felt great...

To be on the winning team, we were unstoppable! The establishment candidates spoke of 'party unity' as if they could convince us to just get on board with their media ordained candidates. It was a great day, now on to overwhelm them at state!


You guys in OK did better the ok..you ROCKED THE HOUSE!! Lets keep the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION STEAM ROLLER GOING!! Hell yeah!

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Any results in districts 1, 2, and 6?


There are only 5 districts

There are only 5 districts and we completely swept (3 national delegates each) districts 3, 4, and 5. That's 9 delegates out of 15. So we have a majority of the national delegates from the district convention. I'm not sure about 1 and 2, but they should have already happened. There are also 25 at-large delegates but I'm not sure how or when those will be chosen.


25 At-Large Delegates? At the State Convention?

That's my only guess. Most other states choose the the base and bonus delegates at the state convention.

I am sure the great liberty activists of Oklahoma who were brilliant enough to get so many delegates representing the good Dr Paul, know how to get the rest of the delegates.

Big bump for Oklahoma activists busting some tail and representing the cause for Liberty!

"If you put a gun to my head and said vote Romney/Gingrich/Santorum...I would say pull the trigger!"

Does anyone have the results of the beauty contest by district?

from greenpapers:

"Delegates are bound until released. "Each delegate ... to the national convention ... shall cast their vote on all ballots for the candidate ... If that candidate is ... no longer a candidate, the votes ... shall be cast for any candidate of their choice." [codified at 26 O.S. § 20-104 G.]"


Ali - pin ya!! Don't Worry About Bound Or Unbond Delegates..

We are bound for Tampa..on the Ron Paul freight train....Ha!

We are bringing it to them and they freaking well know it...HA!

doesn't matter!

"If Santorum is not on the ballot at the RNC, how will they vote for him?

If Santorum does not appear on the ballot, those delegates pledged to Santorum are unbound. Santorum will make sure he does not appear on the ballot if he wants to save any face within the Republican Party. "

So, they either vote for santorum or they are unbound and vote paul! YES!!!

Santorum won the beauty

Santorum won the beauty contest in North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

In Alabama the delegates can release their Santorum vote with a two thirds vote among themselves, but will otherwise have to nominate Santorum (provided he himself not releases the delegates)

In Colorado there may be a plurality for Ron Paul.

Iowa will have a Ron Paul plurality.

In Kansas and Mississippi delegates can only be released by Santorum himself. The information from Green Papers on delegates from Tennessee is inconclusive. These delegates may be in same category.

Louisiana has unbound delegates and state convention not until June.

Minnesota now appears to have a Ron Paul plurality.

Split between Santorum and Paul in Missouri may result in Romney getting plurality in the state.

Romney shenanigans in North Dakota appears to give Romney plurality there.

Santorum plurality in Oklahoma seems to be dependent on the fact of him still being a candidate.

Alabama, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee seem to be the only states required to put Santorum up as a candidate on the first ballot in Tampa. This may force the hand of Oklahoma delegates, thereby keeping Santorum in the race.

A crucial factor might be the two thirds vote in the Santorum-Alabama delegation. If they go any other way, Santorum is no longer a candidate, pursuant to Rule 40 in the Rules of the Republican Party. That means Oklahoma delegates are released.

But hold on, how will delegates "bound forever" vote if their man is not on the ballot? There is no other answer than what applies to Oklahoma.

Some time, Rock, when the team is up against it, when things are wrong and the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they've got and win just one for the Gipper.




~Your perception becomes your reality~

WTF is this?

Gordon McCrea and Jennifer Jones? You sh#t disturber!!

All we have on this website are freaking comedians....Ha!!

No joke

I live here and am proud of those who are fighting for liberty. Get yer solar panels and kerosine lamps and lets get off the smart grid.

Yea, Ron Paul Starts Winning The Delegate Fight, So RNC Dumps

him from the race...Sons of B#itches!!!

Delegates Matter! CNN Just pressured RNC To Dump Paul From Race

The rEVOLution is over...CNN rules the RNC...You forgot about that didn't you..We can't continue the march toward liberty without the approval and blessing of Jessica Yellin and her band of liberal eastern establishment sin - dicate nazis running the network..

Dana (Bash - us - all) and Jessica Yellin are running the network and the RNC...I just heard it on CNN..

Yes!! Jessica must have just been promoted to CNN Executive Vice President in charge of Obamnada's Brown Shirt Nazi Unit...

What a disgusting b#tch..!!!!!

What A Joke CNN Is

CNN lost half it's viewership last year, so that tells you how much power they have and is a sinking ship.


We won...

all of the National delegates from Missouri's 5th district today as well.

That's Wonderful News

In the 3rd district, we were just 6 votes short of the same news. Instead, Romney got 2 delgates + 1 alternate, and Santorum got the other 1 + 2.

The things I picked up that were worth noting while I was there were that ... even though the Santorum supporters combined with Romney supporters for voting, They weren't interested in a 100% Romney sweep. They wanted "their" delegates bound to Santorum on the first round of voting in Tampa, even though their candidate isn't even in the race. And they say Romney is the "Most Electable", and they cant even fall behind him after their guy drops out???

The second thing I noticed is that, when the Ron Paul delegates got a few minutes here or there to make a statement, there was lots of clapping, cheering and genuine raw energy. At one point, the Chairman said (in passing, almost in jest) "I hope we can carry this enthusiasm all the way to November." And, of course, we all hope so too. But let me tell you what, there is only 1 way that is going to happen. Ron Paul, 2012. I'm sorry, they can't even get the Rick Santorum supporters to get behind Romney, and they want the Ron Paul supporters to translate their love of freedom to "energy" for John McCain 2.0? Really? The Liberty Train is going full steam, they are welcome to jump on that train for a wild ride and harness all of its energy. But that "energy" is non transferable. If they derail the 2012 Freedom Express in Tampa, that's it, and its their own fault.

The third (and final) thing I noticed that was noteworthy was when I overheard a very kind looking older lady naively reply to a friend "You mean, not all of these people are going to support the eventual nominee if it isn't Ron Paul?" I don't know what was said leading up to that. But in that innocent statement it occurred to me... Rank and File republicans who are finally settling for Romney because they are being told he's basically won already are completely oblivious to the game of Hardball that is being played for the Heart and Soul of the Republican Party. Its almost sad that if 3 of them had shown up informed enough to know what was really going down, things might have been different. Wake Up People!

It Should Be An Easy Sell

Selling Points

Federal Reserve gone: Money will stop being counterfeited and go up in value by a 10 times ratio because of the destructive 10-to-1 fractional lending practice.

Money: Will become Constitutionally solid and worth something instead of worth-less, because the currently used counterfeit fiat currency is backed by nothing more than a fart and a prayer.

Military: Constitutionally having them home protecting the borders. No more isolationist than Germany or Japan, who have only a defense force and have had the strongest economies in the world because of that.

States: Able to make their own choices and putting the Federal Government in it's place of a servant to the states as it was created to be, not the God, King and Ruler of all it's puppets.



Very well stated.

blast and a half

I was stoked to see how the Ron Paul people over took the establishment and made our slate stick all the way. I got a little emotional when a Santorum/Romney supporter spoke out against us "rogue delegates" and i let out some Boo's towards her. I received a few weird looks and a few people who said that was not needed but my voice will not be silenced no matter what kind of pull a person has within the GOP. It was ok to boo Obama, but as I see it Romney is a fresher version of the current corruption and i view it as the same old- same old. After it was over, a few people said they wished they would have done the same thing, but it was done and i dont back down for doing it.

I Love You Guys!!!



Seriously.....Oklahoma.....you guys totally

ROCK! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Way to go! Now let's work on

Way to go! Now let's work on a powerful showing at the state convention so we can add another 25 delegates to the already impressive numbers coming out of our state!

Thank you for the good news

Bump for Liberty!

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Nice work folks!

Nice work folks!

The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein