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"Living In The Land Of Presumptions": How Americans Got Their A$SES "PRESUMTIVELY" Handed To Them!


You want Liberty? Here it is, take it!

What if you lived in a land of "presumptions", where those very presumptions you failed to see, we're the very chains of your slavery?

And what if you lived in a land of "presumptions", where knowing the Law, meant "LIBERTY", Freedom for you, and Freedom for me, and ignorance of Law meant slavery?


I guarantee you, after you watch this seminar you will NEVER-EVER-EVER in a million years file another 1040 with the foreign corp. That is your admission you made all your money that year working in the official capacity as a foreign gov't agent. You will all of a sudden learn what they mean by "voluntary compliance" and how to ignore it; and how to handle it if they don't (cha-ching!).

The UNITED foreign STATES Corp. is building itself bigger and bigger everyday by the art of "presumptions", and if you watch this seminar, you will see the sinister simplicity of how it's taking place:

The Queen and her cohorts are about to have the entire nation working as foreign agents on American soil; our own brothers and sisters are silently helping overthrow America, and the rest of us are running around as foreign agents working for the Crown and never seen it happen.

Every single one of our Law Enforcement Agencies (other than the Sheriff) are helping complete the take over of America. Most of us are "right now" operating as full time foreign gov't agents, and they can't understand why we're b*tch*ng about paying taxes.

Spread this seminar to all you know and understand how the con is taking place, and it's nothing but "presumptions" we are not "rebutting".

Forget the UCC-1 crap; forget the Guru Patriot Paperwork and watch this seminar: It's the BEST I've seen to date.

Part 1 ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2pMJyIikCk&feature=relmfu

Part 2 ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvKu2UNHQpA&feature=fvwrel

Part 3 ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xLzKRdsNLU&feature=related

Then go watch this seminar; this is Part 2 I believe, find Part 1 and watch it.

Part 2 ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Ob-ZeEox4&feature=fvwrel

That little birth certificate is your pre-made and pre-packaged UNITED STATES Gov't ID Badge; and you've adopted that "name" as your own, and they are under the "presumption" that you are one of "their" employees because you're answering to the "name" you've adopted.

But, you don't want to give up the birth certificate, it's actually your ace in the hole if you understand what happened; and you will after watching this seminar.

They couldn't force us to give up our Liberty, but they sure as heck can let us hand it over freely, all because we are NOT rebutting the "presumptions" that we are one of theirs.

Show this seminar to your friends; family; co-workers, and let's get this knowledge out to everyone!

Knowing what you're about to learn will shut down this foreign corp, even if they cheat Dr. Paul out of the election.

Please don't shove this in off topic, it's probably the most important and easily laid out information we've received to date on this "name" game scam their using against us.

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Talk about blow all the guru UCC-1 crap out of the water ... LOL

Once you watch this guys seminars, you're whole attitude of gov't and their authority over you will do a complete 360 of what we've been brainwashed into believing. The car lot analogy he uses in one of those videos is awesome.

Anyone who is not watching his seminars is really missing the boat on true freedom and how we put this monster called gov't back in it's cage.

PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE take the time to watch this, you will feel very empowered once you figure out who YOU are, and who THEY are not :)

In one of the videos, he goes into the "Claim of Right" and how all these patriot guru's are filing 100 page documents and UCC-1's, etc. to the gov't claiming all these rights in numerical order, and they really need to do is send them a one liner:

"Provide me with proof of claim of anything you a-ledge I cannot do"

Yep, you can do anything you like, as long as you're not hurting others.

Then he goes into your "Fee Schedule"; you're rights have a monetary value attached to them and are non-negotiable; if they want to do business with you, fine, lets get a contract together and here's my fee. They can either accept your offer, or decline.

The most simplified and informative seminars I've seen to date!

Want your Liberty? .... Here it is people, right there on a Silver Platter, and it's simply knowledge.

Now you'll see why the "name" game is not important:

They don't (and neither should we) care about the name in the case/proceeding, etc. The only thing that is important is, what ROLES are we playing here today?

This is why the STRAWMAN argument/approach is putting people in prison; they don't care about the name (JAMES T. ROBERT or James T. Robert), it's the roles (executor/beneficiary/trustee).

The name game and strawman argument is a smoke screen to keep you busy with all the patriot paperwork crap; filing UCC's; and jumping through all these gov't statutes, rules and regulations to claim your rights.

This is powerful stuff folks, do take the time to watch it!

I have watched some of his

I have watched some of his stuff before and it is very interesting and extremely informative and easy. But the guy is just SO hard to watch. He makes it harder than he needs to, and much slower. In fact, his dawdling drives me nuts...




Hopefully some of you have watched the seminar above.

I posted the link to part 2 of the seminar that explains the Trust Law aspect of what's happening when you get called to court, but here's the link to Part 1:


It looks like they are labeled as such:

S01 E01 which means "Seminar 1/Episode 1", so you'll want to find the next episode of that seminar, which would be S01 E02, then S01 E03 and so forth, to the end.

NOTE: The judge is immediately "presuming" he's the Executor/Administrator of that case, and you are the "legal fiction" or Trustee, and if you don't immediately let it be known when you walk into court that he/she is the public servant/trustee, they will run with their "presumptions", and that means you are at the sole mercy of the court, and they will fine, imprison, or whatever else they want to do to you that will benefit the Crown/Gov't/UNITED STATES Corp, etc.

Watch the videos and take notes. This is why you can't win a case in court; you don't understand the game of "presumptions", and because of that, you're "presumed" into whatever they feel like doing to you that day.

In Liberty!