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Texas Erath County Convention

I made it as an alternate to the Texas State Convention along with at least 2 others. I know of at least 1 or 2 delegates that are RP supporters. I do not know who the other delegates support, but I do know that many of them were very liberty minded. We discussed Abolishing the EPA and Department of Education as party plank resolutions. In fact, the original wording was simply to limit their authority, but everyone agreed that abolishing them was a better idea!

I have to say perhaps its because I live in a rural area but everyone at the county convention was very polite and the rules were followed to a "T".

A lot of the people in my county actively encourage new participation, so it is possible I could get a shot at being nominated at state, however small.

Anyway, I thought I would bring you DPers the good news!

One more blow for liberty!

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Great News!

Every delegate counts, every supporter who shows counts, not a small amount, BIG time:-)
There are ALOT of examples today posted that proves just one person can be the difference between winning and losing. In texas at least 1 example where 1 single Paul supporter was the ONLY person along with the chairman, lol! Thank you so much for your contribution!!

Go Stephenville!

Good news from a place that loved George Bush! I have relatives in Dublin and over in Hico. They are Romney all the way. This post is pleasantly surprising.