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Contentious Convention

Proposal that may have given Paul supporters advantage stalls GOP delegate process in Fort Dodge

A proposed wording change intended to prevent supporters of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul from gaining a potentially unfair advantage made for a lengthy discussion - and multiple interjections - during the 4th Congressional District Republican Convention Saturday at Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge.

The proposed change, which would have altered the status of the convention from "adjourned" to "in recess" at the end of the day, centered around a deeper issue facing the Republican Party throughout the state.

Jamie Johnson, a 4th District delegate from Webster County, explained.

"There's a legitimate concern statewide that if the delegates are all chosen in mid-June only the diehard people will drive down to nominate delegates," Johnson said Saturday. "The general concern is that the deck will be stacked by Ron Paul supporters."

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Veeery interesting..

Veeery interesting..

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