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Ron Paul Nearly Sweeps Minnesota District Conventions


Total delegates from Congressional district conventions in Minnesota (confirmed)

CD1: 2 Paul, 1 Romney
CD2: 3 Paul
CD3: 3 Paul
CD4: 3 Paul
CD5: 3 Paul
CD6: 3 Paul
CD7: 1 Paul, 2 Santorum
CD8: 2 Paul, 1 unknown

Paul: 20
Santorum: 2
Romney: 1

Romney: 1 (ONE) LOL

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Who is the unknown delegate from CD8?

I was able to find the "unknown" delegate from CD1 was Steve Perkins (who is *presumably* a Romney supporter, but this is unconfirmed) [the two Ron Paul supporters from CD1 are Josh Wilkening and Bill Paulsen].

But who in the world is the CD8 "unknown" delegate?