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A great idea for the upcoming primaries! Please seriously consider this!

Ladies and gentlemen, I here by want to come up with a plan I think will be very beneficial to us all, especially in states that haven't voted yet.

I want to propose the Ron Paul Electoral Restoration Plan. It consists of the following:

1) Photocopy of your absentee ballots: I strongly suggest you photocopy a couple of absentee ballots if you're voting absentee; next best idea if you're voting in person would be to record your vote with your cell phone. If you go and get a ballot, have an extra copy.

2) Appoint a ballot tally leader: gather fellow Paulites and others who are leaning towards voting for Ron and among the group of you, choose say 3 people responsible for handling the data.

3) Mock election 48 hours or 24 hours before: gather at a place and invite all your friends that re definitely voting for Ron, record the number of votes and write down the names and addresses of the people participating in said mocklection.

4) Compare the results: compare the results in the election vs the mocklection.

5) Send all info and ballots and names to the Ron Paul campaign: My suggestion would be better if you contact your local campaign Paulites in your city, townhall, county, district, state and the national campaign, to avoid any possibility of loss of info.

Any suggestions, please let me know when you comment! :)

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I want to also add that

I want to also add that another great idea would be to record your vote.


This is an good plan. I think it makes alot of sense, your hard work is admirable:-)

I offer the possibility of

I offer the possibility of all fellow Paulites to send this to Paulites in power in all townships, counties, cities and states for the remaining primaries.

If all of you wish to copy and paste my proposal and send it to Ron's campaign Headquarters, please do. You may modify it if you wish and add any extras you want, the main thing is to get the anti-Romney voters on our side and if you know them, this could be a very effective way to sway them our way!

good plan and the easiest way to win is to win the anti romney

We need to reach out to the Santorum Supporters. Many will still vote for Santorum cause he is still on the ballots.
Its a pure protest vote that should go to RP.

We need to inform the anti romney voters that RP is in it to win it and has big chances to take it if they participate.

No one wants Romney..

free comparison sheets to inform the people in the last minute:


The anti Romney vote + RP supporters (-) people who stay at home as the msm says everything is decided = win

Remember Va - Romney did win with only 60-40!

How About An Elections Transparency Bill?

Should Ron Paul submit a bill on federal election procedures before he leaves? Don't all rational U.S. citizens expect fair and verifiable elections? Can't a paper trail be required for all federal elections? Can't counting of ballots be required to be done by state officials with observers allowed at all times, rather than being electronically wired overseas?

Even if Dr. Paul wins the nomination, how will the vote be tallied. Starting a move for fair elections would be a great legacy for him to leave the House with, along with the FED and Constitutional government.

If anybody has any other

If anybody has any other ideas they want to put, please do! And keep this bumped and upvoted!