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Romney Crowds vs Ron Paul Crowds (Michigan Election 2012)

This is an example to show you that Congressman Ron Paul is much more electable than Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich. These are 2 different clips from Romney crowds in comparison of Ron Paul crowds in Michigan. Even though the news tells us that Romney is leading over Ron Paul, the crowds don't agree and looking at the past 3 states elections (Iowa, Nevada & Maine). If there is anything (say Dr. Paul losing by a ton of votes), it would be grounds to claim election fraud on the GOP. To be honest, the GOP should be called out anyway for voting fraud just by looking at the past elections.


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Great clip only the last snippet

where the Fox "You Decide" popped up. Its actual "Diebold Decides"

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It should be Goldman Sachs

It should be Goldman Sachs Decides