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Summer is Coming! Our Mission...

Our mission this summer is to spread the word of Paul! The mass media is obviously employed to stifle and skew the message of Paul. They are conscripted manipulate public perception. Their own actions are what gives ammo against them. It is not hard to clearly show the media bias and clear efforts to twist facts, omit facts, and spin narratives.

This summer can be a fun time, regardless of whether or not Paul win's the GOP nomination, or runs third Party. Spreading his message should be our mission in the summer months. Maybe park a truck with videos and banners, or have small rallies at parks. It is a great way to get together and spread the message! Let the world see us, hear the truths we all kow, and have fun doing it!

Regarding 3rd party: My mother is one of the toughest nuts to crack, she is an obama supporter and very unreasonable in debate. Getting her to help Paul win the GOP nomination was not going to happen. She of course still believes her favorite "news" source's narrative that Romney has already won the nomination, she does however state that if Paul were to run third party, she would vote for him.

We need to keep pushing, no matter what. Our efforts to restore the republic are much akin with the efforts of our founding fathers to escape tyrany; but in a civil and peaceful way. We must not stop, but continue on....even if we don't turn this country around this year, that does not mean we are done, only means we must try harder.

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