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Obama To Visit Colleges In Three Key States (Iowa, Colorado, N. Carolina)

By Lesley Clark • McClatchy Newspapers | Posted: Saturday, April 21, 2012 12:00 am

WASHINGTON • President Barack Obama will visit college campuses in the election battleground states of North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa next week, where he'll call for Congress to stop interest rates on student loans from skyrocketing this summer.

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Well, let's see how he does compared to Dr. Paul... even if Obama somehow manages
the numbers (after subtracting out protesters) I'd be shocked if he comes anywhere
close in generating *enthusiasm*.

Hope we get good numbers of Ron Paul activists to show up - in North Carolina, especially!

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He will get the crowds. NC is very pro-Obama. It is pretty

much a welfare state.

~Your perception becomes your reality~


RP supporters should fill the seats ... ALL SEATS !!! start activities now!

Run a Ron Paul rally, same time, same place

Probably a little short notice, but it would make for MSM headlines, win or lose.

See who gets the turnout at the colleges when both are on offer.


Comparison Sheets obama - Paul for free:

this should be our main info weapon! I still dont udnerstand why thsi is not used on a very large scale.

Romney - Paul for the republicans and Santorum reporters!
Comparison Sheets romney - Paul for free:

Lat time his crowds were like

Lat time his crowds were like 10 times of ours. I have posted a few pics. Once, I think like over 100,000 came to hear him..



Well, that as they say

was then..

We'll just have to see about *now*.

Hey, we all KNOW that the MSM will be wherever Obama goes.

Ron Paul Sign Bombs Away! :-)

Make them feel a whole lot of rEVOLution.

Oh great. I'm a college

Oh great. I'm a college professor. That's the last thing we need is low interest rates on student loans. The university becomes inundated with people who probably shouldn't be there because they're not seriously interested in advanced education... They just want to have fun and get a degree, and they're fine not really knowing much when they leave as long as they have that degree. If everyone goes to college and everyone gets a degree, they are worthless. All you get with the degree is $50,000 in debt and no job waiting for you. The quality of instruction goes down because half these students aren't there to learn and they use up resources like professor time (unfortunately, the average professor spends more time with their bad students than with their good ones). Then they don't graduate in four years, and the general administration pressures the professors to achieve a higher four year graduation rate, which can only be done by watering down the curriculum for the students that shouldn't be there anyway. Middle management and unnecessary supplementary programs boom. Then costs increase through inflation, and the price of tuition skyrockets. A number of students game the financial aid system by going to class for a few weeks and collecting the max amount of loan money. They stop going to class and never withdraw so they can keep their money. Then the university tries to retain these students to keep their retention rates up, so these students are able to do this for about two years. I wonder what percentage will repay?

College can be a great thing, but not if we rent money to all for free. Why should the American taxpayer be forced to subsidize benefits to any group -- especially one that is trying to out-compete the taxpayer!

Education for all, health insurance for all, new fuel efficient cars for all. Sounds like great ideas until you think what happens next after all the distortion occurs.

The college bubble is bursting. Low interest student loans are the worst thing that can happen to the health of higher education.

These rallies would be a great place to spread the message!

I would not suggest being part of the crowd to hear the speach, but if at all possible, be passing out flyers at the entrance!

This is getting good! Looks like Obama too is going to be spanked. There is power in truth and the tides are shifting :)