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Questions for Matt Holdridge, Ron Paul Campaign Colorado State Coordinator


The Jennifer WarHawk email that went out during the state assembly:


Previous video on this subject where I interviewed other Ron Paul pledged delegates as they were at the 5th Congressional Assembly:


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If you go to the top of this page

you will see blue tabs. Put the curser on the one called Forums and a drop down menu opens. Then put your cursor over the one titled Ron Paul 2012 and another pop-up opens. Put the curser on the one that says 'delegates' and click.
Lo and Behold! A bunch of posts about the delegate events.
If you had searched there, you would have seen this post:

I know nothing about what Holdridge did or didn't do, but that post states that we won the plurality of delegates in Colorado. If you live in Colorado and have a problem with Holdridge, then please, find out what he was or wasn't doing and report back to us. Or talk to other people in the know in Colorado then report back to us.

I'm not yellin' at you or anything, it's just that I don't understand the reason for this post considering you posted one like it recently. Do you want the people on this forum to phone bomb him or are you just making us aware that you have questions and that there may have been/were shenanigans going on? If you say there's a problem, address that problem to that person then report here what the problem was, how you dealt with it, and what the outcome was. That would be a lot more helpful than saying you have questions yet not addressing those questions to the person you have questions about.

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Its my understanding that any unpledged delegate has until 13 days before the national convention to pledge, but from the RNC rules, its not the RNC Chair that decides who unpledged delegates will be bound for, its the state convention chair which as far as I can tell was replaced with a Ron Paul supporter that decides and wasn't that the strategy because you all didn't have the numbers to win outright, so you needed a unity slate.

The idea is a brokered convention, giving any delegates to Romney is dumb, the nuke option should always give delegates to hard core anti-Romney Santorum supporters at the very least, so Romney does not reach the magic number.

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Thanks to all of the brave ones fighting

so hard for liberty.

so the the unpledged are

so the the unpledged are actually Santorum supporters?