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Ron Paul = Warren Harding

A friend(who supported Romney, just because he was the 'chosen one') just sent me the link to this article and said he believes after researching it a bit that Dr. Paul could actually win this thing, and is throwing his support behind Ron Paul!


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Ron Paul and Warren G. Harding = Astro-Destined to RISE UP

Here's a little known fact: Ron Paul and Warren G. Harding each have what is known in astrology as a "Rama Chart" (i.e., 4 or more planets in their own or exalted signs). In Ron Paul's case, he has Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus, Mercury in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio. President Harding had Moon in Taurus, Venus in Libra, Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The hallmarks of such individual are that they are "destined" to "rise up." Neither Obama nor Romney share this trait. Will Ron Paul follow in Harding's footsteps? If the stars have their way, it is likely.