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First Media On Minnesota - Rep. Paul supporters elected to half of Minnesota GOP convention delegation

"Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex>) continued to display strong support among Minnesota Republicans as his Presidential campaign won more delegate slots at Congressional District conventions held Saturday across the state.

Paul's campaign swept all the delegate and alternate slots in Congressional District No. 2, which south metro suburbs and CD 4 which is St. Paul, Ramsey County and the east metro. Paul's forces also won two delegate slots each in CD 1, which is southern Minnesota and CD 8 which is northern Minnesota.

All the CD conventions have conclude and Paul has won 20 out of the 24 delegate slots at stake and nearly all of the alternates. Given that the composition of the delegations to the state convention, which is set for May 4-5 in St. Cloud, is similar to that of the CD conventions, there is a very good chance Rep. Paul will come away with the lion's share of delegates from Minnesota."

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This is the same group that will be at the State Convention!

CD2 had about 180/309 people voting for our slate, which gave us a majority. I know because I helped count the votes. :)

Since we did just as well at most of our CD conventions, and the same people will be in St. Cloud next month, we should do very well at the State convention! I don't know who got the other 2 delegates out of CD1 and CD8, but out of the other 3 that didn't go to Ron Paul, 2 went to Santorum and 1 to Gingrich. Mittens has no love in MN!!!

Actually our State Convention is May 18-19 ...

not that it matters since I'm sure everyone who needs to already knows that, but thought I'd correct it anyway.

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John Stossel

had a bet of a $1,000 with Bill O'Reilly that Paul would not win 1 state. This is Paul's first win, we should email Stossel to force O'Reilly to honour his bet by donating the money to the Paul Campaign.

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U Betcha!

Up North!

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... for great news out of Minnesota!

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Needs an Editor

But that doesn't diminish the fair reporting. Good job.

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Yay for Minnie Sota

Great news. The wall of silence is breached.