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Harris County (Houston) SD conventions

I was at a large gathering of Senate Districts yesterday in Harris County. In Texas this year, we had to forgo precinct conventions due to an issue with re-districting going through the legal system and pushing back our primary date. The precinct conventions were essentially held at the SD conventions. I won a spot as a delegate from SD 13, CD 18. I beat another guy who was running. The guy that I beat won an at-large spot anyway, which is a good thing because as it turns out he was a Ron Paul supporter also. Neither of us knew that we both supported Paul beforehand.

Anyway, I know that many Paul delegates made it to state because I know quite a few of them personally and we are still trying to get the numbers tallied up to see just how many of us are planning on supporting Paul, but I can report that number will be substantial.

Another thing that I noticed was that NOBODY wanted to talk about who the presidential nominee would be. It seems that the 'establishment' Republicans know that we're there, but don't want to fight. I think that some of them may be able to be turned. I ask that anyone in Texas who made it to state - or anyone in another state who made it to their state's convention to contact the other delegates in your Senate District and feel them out. Let's get a good idea of how much strength we will have before the convention and let's try to persuade the non-Paul delegates that RP is the ONLY candidate who can beat Obama. Paul provides a stark contrast to Obama. Romney does not.
Thanks guys
RP 2012!

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It's not hard to prove a

It's not hard to prove a consistent record.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

SD7 Alternate Here

Are you a member of a local Meet Up? I will be going to State along with a family member from another district. You are correct in your assessment of the lack of debate there. Not even any signs for Romney or Paul but I did hand out a card to a prospect and met another Paulite in my precinct which tied our delegation 2/2. Sadly the youngest guy who was my precinct chair was a Romney supporter? If it's possible,we must attain the packets from our districts so we can at least control the pace and conduct the meeting according to the rules. I swear I'm going to try to get the packet before my Chair so I can hold a contest for the position.

Good to find you here

We definitely need to figure out our slate before hand.

I agree with you on the conversion. From the way I was talking to some of the big players, it seems like we could get some of them to switch to paul.

Get them to switch

Print as many of these on a double sheet of people and hand these out.


critcal strategy

I believe this strategy it critical. Convert all the delegates!!!