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Car Made in Missouri Gets 358 Miles Per Gallon

KYTV in Springfield, Mo., reports a car designed by students at Aurora Junior High School gets 358 miles per gallon. The red roadster seats one, has three small bicycle wheels and starts with a pull cord. The steering column is similar to a bicycle's to turn the two front wheels. The car was designed as part of the Missouri SuperMileage Challenge.


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Anyone can build a car like

Anyone can build a car like this. Maybe not 385 but let's say 100 mpg. (Which is still very good.) THE PROBLEM IS they will never allow it to be driven on the roads.

Two shorten the road.

Mileage like this...

Has been available for a long time but guess who owns the patents to the technology? Shell Oil. http://www.hulu.com/watch/231050/gashole

Pretty cool...

Volkswagen has been working a diesel-electric hybrid Golf for a couple years now...It isn't like a Prius or Honda-type hybrid: the VW has no batteries!! It runs like a diesel locomotive...they have a 2-cylinder diesel motor and generator under the hood and an electric motor behind each wheel. You push the accellerator pedal and it is "asking" for more amps/volts, the engine speeds up to match the demand of the electric motors-genterator. So far, it gives around 280mpg!!! and is faster and quicker than anything else they build! I doubt it will see the light-of-day and go to market (because it doesn't benefit "them"), but it's still pretty neat!

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Kudos to them..amazing.

Kudos to them..amazing.