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Ron Paul gets 100% of all delegates from Okanogan county

The support for Ron Paul at the Okanogan county convention was very strong we took 100% of all delegates, alternates and non elected delegates (sorry not sure if you call them superdelegates) there were 10 elected and 3 unelected all went to Ron Paul.

Keep Fighting, keep donating! we can win

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yes, I know about attempting to cancel the meeting. But they moved outside and met on the basketball court until 5. I believe I read that they were concerned that their delegates would not be accepted, but I am wondering what delegates they chose.:)

This was actually the 37th I believe

The 47th was a disaster. The ignorant groupthink establishmnet elitism that is killing the GOP was alive and well. Miscommunication led to our slate being released to anyone, which turned into a list used as to who not to vote for. Our delegates names were scratched off the official delegate lists of many attendees before the process even started.

We ended up with 0/30 delegates and 2/30 alternates. Due to a technicality, we should be able to have the entire thing thrown out, but we'll see what actually happens.

According to rule 23 of the WSRP rules, an official notice has to be postmarked at least 10 days prior to the date of the caucus, which was April 21st. The postmarks read April 12th. A blunder by Lori Sotelo's office that hopefully they will be unable to explain away. I'm not sure what that actually means, but I believe it can be used to declare the caucus invalid.

There needs to be a

There needs to be a "consistency" slate to combat this "unity" slate. We can't have the anti Romney people siding with Mitt on the notion that he's the best one to beat Obama. We need to hammer home that Ron Paul beats Obama in the polls AND has never flip flopped.

Okanogan County Rocks!

Wonderful news, y'all! See you in Tacoma!

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king county

I also saw a video that the 47th in King county went yesterday and were able to elect a Paul person as chairman. I therefore assume that they got the delegates, but can't find an answer. Does anybody know anything?

I believe the 47th turned out to be a mess

Looks like we were well on our way to winning and a Romney fan with clout canceled the whole meeting. Hopefully enough of these GOP insiders rigging events will bring it to the limelight!! :) Keep it up

w00t! w00t! Great job

w00t! w00t!

Great job Okanogan County! That is where a lot of my family live. Am glad to see that Okanogan County rocked it for Ron Paul!

Who has the current won

Who has the current won delegate results from each county?

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We heard about your win in Okanogan county

here in Whatcom County. *applause applause...standing ovation* Unfortunately Kitsap and Whatcom got their a$$es handed to them. Not for lack of trying of course. We only had 30% of the delegates and they won by using the "unity slate*. It amazed me to listen to all the Romney speeches and the only thing they could say over and over was Romney can beat Obama. bah bah bah....

will this happen at the state

convention I keep hearing the term unity slate I don't understand I am guessing its a band of Romney delegates voted on in hopes of beating obama. they all assume Romney can beat Obama. Hopefully we will outnumber the establishment at the state convention

Hard to say...yesterday was

Hard to say...yesterday was the last county and Leg district conventions in Wa state. This is far from official but I think it's going to be 50/50-ish. Just by looking at the counties that have been swept by us. I will say the battle is going to be HUGE, and they will have to change their cheating tactics from 2008 since there are way more RP people in the party rules and credentials teams.
I have to be honest. I'm glad I'm not going...but I wish you all the best and hope it's mucho fun for you!

Yes...it's so amazingly

Yes...it's so amazingly retarded

we need to be the anti romney choice..

I know some of these guys are against romney

Lets educate them.

Comparison Sheets romney - Paul for free:

Okanogan sweep!


Good job!!! I wish I could

Good job!!! I wish I could give every RP delegate a hug. :)


Go Washington State!!!!!

Excellent news, neighbor.

Evergreen State for the Everstatesman!