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Say this to the Republican Party when they ask you for money!

I'm getting a lot of calls from the Republican Party asking for money, especially from the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee). I used to ignore these calls. Now I pick them up every chance that I get, and I let them say their 1 minute spiel about how we need to defeat Obama. I then reply how I won't give any money if Romney is nominee. I go on to say that he is a liberal: he supported bailouts, tax payer abortion, gun control, Obama's stimulus package, health care mandates, and expressed interest in global warming, let alone not auditing the Federal Reserve. I tell them anyone but Romney, and to call be back only if Romney is not the nominee. I go on to tell them how Romney is Obama. About half the time, the caller insinuates that s/he agrees with me. I end the call by telling them to tell their supervisor how disappointed we Republicans are with Romney, and how I don't think he can beat Obama, even with all of the money in the world. I never mention that I'm a RP supporter. This way they believe it's not just the RP supporters who are upset. Lastly, you'll actually feel good answering this call this way.

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