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Important Week Ahead of Us

We've got a busy week ahead of us and a lot of opportunities to win delegates.

April 24:

Connecticut primary (28 delegates)
Delaware primary (17 delegates)
New York primary (95 delegates)
Pennsylvania primary (72 delegates)
Rhode Island primary (19 delegates)

April 26-28:

Alaska State Convention (25 delegates)

April 28:

Delaware State Convention (chooses 14 of the delegates)
Louisiana District Conventions (23 delegates)

I think we have the potential to do well on Tuesday with voter turnout very low. I compared voter turnout in this election to voter turnout in the last election in states that had voted after McCain was declared the nominee, and they were considerably lower. Rhode Island and Connecticut are New England states, and we do very well there. Pennsylvania was one of our strongest states last election and Ron Paul is putting a lot more time and energy into Pennsylvania than he is in the other states that vote on Tuesday, save for Rhode Island where we are running ads there.

It sounds like the campaign and the grassroots has everything under control in Alaska, so we can hope for good news there. Same with the Louisiana district conventions. I'm not sure about the Delaware state convention though.

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I haven't heard much about DE or CT on Daily Paul

Is it because we have few members from these states, or is it because there is not a big Paul Loving community in these states?