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Ron Paul: 'In theory I can still win it' - but where is the mainstream media?

Ron Paul is on a roll, and his rock started rollin' even faster and stronger since Rick Santorum stepped aside. Thousands keep showing up wherever he goes to make an appearance. Not one or two thousand, Paul is averaging 4,700 attendees at his rallies. Some places the 12-term congressman brings in 6,000 people, whereas, most often the groups are more than 4,000. No longer can little hotel rooms hold those who come to see Ron Paul -- the doctor must have arenas for his crowds.

With all this momentum, yet lack of assistance from the mainstream media, can Dr. Paul still win the nomination as the Republican candidate to go against Barack Obama? He certainly thinks so, and most recently stated that on the Mike Church show.

His supporters also agree he can win the nomination as they consistently keep giving their finances to his money bombs. And his social networking following believes he can win, check out this popular YouTube comment by psovegeta: I'd still vote for Ron Paul even if I thought he was going to lose. You want to say I'm wasting my vote? Read more: http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/11988745-ron-paul-...

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MSM seems to be...

everyone's concern, but should it be? Every revolution in history has had to bypass the propaganda of the day, by using highly effective networks. The Ron Paul Revolution is now getting so big that the media blackout is working in your favor.The news is spreading, the crowds are gathering, and Fox and CNN et el are starting to look very, very dodgy indeed. I really believe that this will be the nail in the coffin for private propaganda news networks. The peoples will brings change with a Revolution and now is your time.
Go hard!