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Texas SD 9

Attended Senate district 9 convention yeasterday which was about 40% overt and well organized Ron Paul supporters. Nearly everyone in attendance is going to state and Paul organizers are heading up key positions. One resolution passed was even to re-institute gold and silver as currency!

One thing I would like to tell all is to be "fair" at these events. We were all up there to 10 pm with mostly fellow supporters attempting to "steal" delegate spots. It was capped off at the end with a young Paul supporter guest, not even a precinct delegate, yelling at everyone that we weren't doing our jobs at placing guest into state delegate spots still open.

This is not the way to act as a Rep of Ron Paul. As a secret supporter, I heard many of the comments around me throughout the day. Paul supporters have a bad Rep, and some of the things I saw and even voted against demonstrated that Rep is being re-inforced!

Be tough, but also be fair and respectful. Bring together the party, not tear it apart with division.

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Your SD9 was different than mine.

I attended the SD9 Dallas convention. It was a smooth easy process. Very peaceful. I was chosen as a delegate to the state convention. I know of another Ron Paul Dallas 2012 member that was also chosen. I didn't throw my affiliation around because I didn't want the PTB making me an alternate. It worked.