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The left's lamestream SNL omits Ron Paul in skit of GOP 'front runners'.

Santorum, Perry, Cain, Bachman and Gingrich all may have won a state straw poll or two, but they're all out now except for two: Romney and Paul. Of course, the media appears too terrified of Ron Paul's power to admit that he's still in there winning more delegates. Don't have an actor to play Paul well enough? If they keep on SNL's awful Obama impersonator, Fred Armisan, then they would have no qualms casting anyone to play Paul. SNL used to be my favorite show. In the late 70's Dan Akroyd lampooned the lefty president Carter to great success. Now SNL appears so biased they can't put their hearts and souls (and talent) into making fun of Obama.


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What is up with this?

You'd think for categorical completeness there would've at least been a disparaging jab at the good Doctor.

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