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4,300 supporters flood streets ignoring rain to see Ron Paul speak in Philadelphia

On Sunday, Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul's supporters took to the streets of Philadelphia by the thousands in the rain to declare their love for liberty and the "Champion of the Constitution". The 12-term Congressman from Texas had thousands expected to attend the Philadelphia rally for Phreedom 2012 on the lawn at Independence Hall, rain or shine.

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul drew a remarkable 4,300-plus voters to a major campaign rally he held on the Independence Mall in Philadelphia despite poor weather conditions that would have kept supporters of other candidates away.

Event organizers noted that, despite the inclement weather, supporters and undecided voters greeted the 12-term Congressman from Texas with the characteristic enthusiasm for which his crowds are known. It had rained all day and with chilly temperatures to boot, many attendees responded that they were cold, uncomfortable, and feeling poorly. And yet, the people perservered for Paul.

Also noteworthy is that the campaign event took place in the footsteps of America’s modern founders, who conceptualized, advocated for, and created a modest federal government of the kind Ron Paul has been promoting for more than three decades.

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Also, I need more pictures! Please email me if you were there! Sussexcountyangel@live.com


Not a vid, but 80 image slideshow (Examiner stops me at 50)

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Huge slideshow of Philly


80 image slideshow (Examiner stops me at 50)

I just emailed you

a handful of pictures. sorry they're not too good, the camera kept getting wet and taking pictures of the drops on the lens.

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the flyers kept probably another 2500+ from heading down... along with the rain i bet this event would have pulled 10k. kind of a shame but still was a good turn out

It's a Cultural Phenomenon

When anyone, let alone a politician, can get 4,300 people to show up outdoors, in driving rain and probably in the mud (I've been to that event; I know what it's like) to hear a live un-teleprompted speech, that's newsworthy. Disregardng the weather, when it happens repeatedly, it's a cultural phenomenon. Only the President of the United States and stand-up comedians (apologies for the redundancy) get that kind of in person turnout to hear a monologue.

How the MSM can ignore this is beyond understanding. Even if Ron Paul weren't running for POTUS, this would be newsworthy. The fact that Ron beats Obama in the polls, and that he is widely reported to have 'no chance' of winning the nomination, makes this more incomprehensible by orders of magnitude. I suppose it's not yellow enough journalism; random acts of violence, boy bands and sewer lid openings get more press than this.

Somebody in a position of responsibility in the MSM (the big 3 and Fox) needs to wake the F up. Who's it gonna be?

Dr. Paul is calling out the dying media as fraudulent

EVERYTHING Dr. Paul teaches the public directly contrasts with the lies the belligerent media bombards us with everyday. They can't and won't ever tell the truth about him. Even as president they will ignore him except to blame him for natural disasters and to criticize him for blocking Congress with his veto pen.

I wish the liberty community would stop wasting so much energy appealing to the dying media to give Ron Paul a fair shake. It won't happen, but more importantly, it doesn't need to happen. We don't need the cooperation of the 6 major American media conglomerates to succeed. They have been so destructive to humanity that I personally do not want them to start revitalizing themselves with honest reporting. I want them to COLLAPSE.

Spend 3.5 hours,

watch The Money Masters and you'll find out why they're asleep.

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Will Do.

I have seen it once long ago...but if what you suggest is true, it's worth another look. 'cause oterwise this makes absolutely no sense to me.

I suppose the next thing you know, we'll be referred to as a 'cult'. The current set of derogatory namecalling - Paul-bots, Paul-tards, Ronulans, and references to tin-foil hats, etc. - is a step in that direction, and is only a further attempt to discredit what is a genuine political phenomenon.

The layers must be peeled back to confirm there is something real to all this.

Thank you

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...one good link to the best U-tube video that handles the bandwidth would better suffice?

Great works John and much support! Thanks for all your gallant efforts to bring us all the best possible viewing of these events.


where are all the videos?!?

I haven't seen any videos of these rallies since Texas! Where's the Cornell video and the video for this rally?

Even ronpaulflix seems to be lagging and none of my RP youtube channels seem to have anything either.

Is there an internet blackout going on too? WTF!

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Ron Paul leaves them charged

Ron Paul leaves them charged AFTER getting rained on for HOURS!


Great pic!

I love the pic on the slide show where it shows Ron Paul and the quote is "Let it not be said that we did nothing."

Thanks! I was up til midnight...

...making that poster. That was mine!

I like how the theme of

I like how the theme of ending the fed is still strong.

Cops doing their jobs for a change.

Actually supporting the right to gather/rally/protest/freedom of speech and helping to facilitate it? Good start.

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Great article, Angel!

Keep up the good work! Thank you.

Saw this pic on twitter from a non-political passer-by in Philly



Also added a great video of the march before the rally