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New Permanent WRH daily show Thread

Howdy hey folks!

Being kicked hard now to start a permanent thread for the What Really Happened show for those who can not listen in during the day and might be happy to listen to his weekday shows in the leisure of that evening time.

Instead of turning on the TV to be a fox/cnn mind-controlled drone, turn on this mp3 archived show and hear what ol Mike Rivero has to say today as he rounds out the daily truth news. He does come here to the DP, and may even comment once in a while.

He is also a great Ron Paul supporter and his voice is loud and clear to those who have ears to hear. Very few have a way of telling it like it is like Mike Rivero does and yes, he does have some things to pick a bone about, but good debate can only find solutions. Not really level with his views about the birth certificate and chemtrails, but everyone is entitled to his or her opinions.

Hopefully, with the over all groups approval here, and of course with the graceful blessing of our grand Host Michael Nystrom, we will be able to post the daily radio show. At least give it shot anyways. If for some reason I fall off the deck and miss a show, please tune in and listen during the day at RBN, or better, subscribe to all the great archives there for $1.33 a month.

Support RBN Radio and we will replace the lame stream dying lying media propaganda with the Real Truth News!


This idea was inspired by last Friday's show, so we will start there so you all can have some Sunday night listening.

Enjoy and comment please. If this is not accepted by the majority, it will stop, or if Michael N. is not down, then it's all good.

Big love to you all...and hugeness in your Daily Paul blessings.

Here are those two hours.


Hr. 1

Hr. 2


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Great Show Today 17 May 2012.

Mr. Rivero mentioned voter fraud, and interviewed Cybil Edmunds, a whistle blower.
Very educational !


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WRH 5-8-12

love WRH


I first discovered WhatReallyHappened.com just weeks before 911 happened. I was surprised by some of the information on his website, excited to see so many links to news from so many sources (I think he had stuff up about Pearl Harbor attack, Vince Foster etc).

Then when 911 happened I went straight to his site. Wow! I was so glad to have such a terrific resource for info, freeing myself up from the msm propaganda.

I've learned *a lot* from his website. Some didn't sink in at first, but eventually, with all the research and information, it becomes too much so you just can't avoid learning the truth. I may never have been open to someone like Ron Paul if it hadn't been for all the eye-opening information at his website!

Thanks, truthbearer, for posting this!

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

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WRH 5-1-12

"He is also a great Ron Paul supporter ..."

and that IS the truth! WRH is one of the sources I use for real news. Thanks, truthbearer.


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

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Bless you...

...Nonna. Thanks for your support.


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WRH 4-27-12

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John Show-Mike Rivero Host

Here is the first hour of John's show hosted by Mike Rivero today 4-26-12.

John Stadtmiller show.

Hr 1

Hr 2

Good Ron Paul talk and ending.


I listen daily

Yes its a good show & I highly recommend it to all, notice my Sig;-)

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

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WRH 4-26-12


Hr 1

Hr 2

We are getting an extra two hours of Mike today. He is doing the John show and is about 30 min into the show right now. You can listen live here and the archive links for that show will be here later.



I'm Listening Live Right Now.

2:44 P.M. Pacific time.


Mike Rivero and whatreallyhappened.com

provide the most level headed and intelligent analysis of what is really going on in the world today. Not afraid to tell it as is or to put down Israel firsters like Alex Jones, identifies propaganda and cointelpro rapidly, and includes science, and humor along with it. Most important is the complete analyses of various events in history: USS Liberty, JF/Robert Kennedy assignations, Oklahoma bombing etc, but no UFO's or underground high speed tunnels with rock melting machines..sorry to disappoint!

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Just listened to both hours

Quite a good show! Worthy of your listening pleasure. Wide range of subjects.