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Delegate = ok so it looks like I will be a RP delegate to state TX

does anyone know if there is a place that the delegates are signing up so Ron Paul knows who and how many delegates he realy has?

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WIN TX and CA and we have the oval office.

Mark my words.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Alternate Here.

Good chance to move into Delegate spot at State in my District.

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How many days do you definitely have to be there at Tampa

as a delegate / alternate?


there is an e-mail going about that tells you where to send the information. Try Ron Delegates meetup group in Houston.

Truth before all else.....it is what will allow us to emerge with dignity and honor.

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I'm a Delegate also

And I still feel it necessary to be close-mouthed about it...

Susie 4 Liberty

That is probably the wisest

That is probably the wisest strategy for now.