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Iran threatens to cut oil to "whole Europe", claims to have alternative buyers

20 April 2012, 16:02 (GMT+05:00)

Iran will cut oil export to all European countries if they do not lift sanctions on Tehran after the next round of talks in Baghdad, country's Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi said on Thursday, Mehr reported.

After nuclear negotiations in Istanbul on April 14, which was described as positive, Iran and the 5+1 group (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) are scheduled to meet again in Baghdad on May 23.

Qasemi said the Oil Ministry has "officially" cut crude exports to Britain and France, however, he added a stop of Iran's oil export to refiners in Greece, Spain, and Germany is not "official". He added that Greece is paying a large sum of its oil debts to Iran.

read more http://en.trend.az/regions/iran/2017011.html

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Europe's kings to deploy America's military as paid mercenaries

They paid our government off by purchasing oil in dollars and buying our bonds etc to prop up our dollar.

Obama feel's he owes Europe's kings and your American sons and daughters in uniform will die to pay Obama's\America's debts...

...and to prop up the price of oil/gas worldwide for the royal oil companies operating out of Europe.


I read that India had already

I read that India had already agreed to buy Iranian oil in spite of the US government's objections. Good for India! An enemy to the empire is a friend to the American people.

Yes, but we have been

Yes, but we have been threatened with sanctions and restriction of access to BIS from June.

With Nehru,Gandhi and non-alignment, we've always resisted foreign imperialism. In gaining independence, we also came to value it.

For you it was so long ago that some have forgotten; but now a lot of you are waking up and remembering :)

Last time I was in China, the

Last time I was in China, the hotel I stayed at had many Iranian and Russian businessmen there for a conference. As a somewhat sheltered American, I was a bit unsettled at the time.

Next time you should buy them

Next time you should buy them a beer and thank them for saving our country from the Daily Paul!

That would be awesome!

I'm quite sure China would be

I'm quite sure China would be willing to buy the extra oil off Iran.