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I Braved the Storm in Philly

I have been a Paul supporter since 2007, and this was the first time that I have seen him speak live. We left from NY by bus, and made a few other stops before arriving at Independence Hall. I was able to secure a spot on the side of the stage! It was an amazing event. I expected to feel the way I felt, but I was in shock an awe at how much we have grown! 4000+ people battled horrible weather to be a part of this event. We were dressed to the nines in our ponchos.
The spirit of liberty enveloped the entire area. I traveled with a group of 52 supporters and many have never seen him in person either. One woman on the bus said, "I would not do this for a rock star. I would not even do this for the Pope!". The fact that people from all over traveled and endured such horrible weather for hours to hear one man speak is amazing. This does not happen for any other candidate by any stretch of the imagination. I am so proud to say I know so many Liberty minded people now and to be a part of something so large that it cannot be stop.

Ron Paul 2012

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What a beautiful account of an inspired group of liberty-lovers,

rushing through the storm to hear THE MAN speak!

The strength of his message is growing: and we are the eyes, ears, mouthpieces and the instruments of the message.

New Yawk!

New Yawk!

I linked it


We shot a film there today and I know that Channels 29 (FOX) and 6 were there; my guy is a pro and knows the people; he didn't spot any other local news.

I've quickly looked at the websites for those stations...if they air anything I'd like to know

Thank you for your report!

i got there just in time

to see the Doc hit the stage.
i didn't see one news van.
but i brought my camera, so if it was an oversight on your part nbc, abc, fox - lemme know, i'll be happy to send you what i've got.
despite your insistence otherwise, we do exist.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

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Thank you for this uplifting post.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

And that was in the rain!

could you imagine how many more would have shown up if it was sunny as it has been this past week?!

This was my Very first Rally iv ever attended which i thought would not only be historic in that Ron Paul would speak where The Constitution was Signed into Law. but that it really was POURING and that just clicked with me, this is far much more greater than a Presidential Campaign...this is a Revolution!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Survival Means Discomfort

THANK YOU for being one of those we hoped to see in the pictures and video. It helps all the rest of us working hard to have all of you lock arms ... and show up where you can to give voice for yourself and for the country. Much of the country does not even realize that Paul supporters have seen the danger and death rattles of this nation and are working for THEM as we are for ourselves. One way or another, they will realize it. But until then -- keep the faith and remember in the discomfort (if it's weather or criticism), that survival is on the other side!!! I am so gratified to be one of those Minnesota caucus and county delegates who voted to send Paul delegates to Tampa this year. This state has made me proud.