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FREE: I have 3500 Gun Cards in Paks of 100 plus Other Campaign Material to Give Away

I have the following in inventory. You can have them, first come, first serve. List what you need exactly from this grab bag: for states with upcoming primaries only. Any left, then will send to other states.

Grab-Bag Inventory:

1000 bumper stickers
35 packs of 100 each Gun's Rights (5 gone)
14 packs 100 each End the Fed Cards (4 gone)
14 packs 100 each Right Remedy Cards (alternative medicine, etc.)
12 packs 100 each New Plan to Restore America (3 gone)
8 packs 100 each Keep Your Tips cards
5000 SuperBrochures (1000 gone)

Just list, here, what you want. Or send an email. MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS AND WHAT YOU WANT!!! Happy campaigning.

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Are you in Illinois? If you

Are you in Illinois?

If you are your package came in thanks for the supplies!!