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NSA Has Copies of Emails of Most Americans

“We Do Not Live In a Free Country”: NSA Has Copies of Emails of Most Americans, More Powerful Than Obama


- theintelhub.com

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Not surprising

When I first heard of Carnivore a great while back that was one of my first clues. When I read the story of Kevin Mitnick and how he used the telephone program that was one of the first to be used in every major phone system by the FBI against the FBI itself to track the trackers, I began to put together the pieces of what might be possible concerning government agencies.

I also saw a story on PBS in the early 90's where these HUGE earthmovers were working on underground facilities that were to house large interconnected computer systems for storing and collecting data.

And so on and so on.

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Yea the US government's

Yea the US government's secret agencies have been completely out of control and without any accountability for a long time. America is a police state in the making.