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King County GOP's Lori Sotelo disrupts caucus, citing Ron Paul ...‎

Can anyone comment on this? Is the Missouri, Georgia, Alaska, etc.. all over again?


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Giving Lori Sotelo "hell" is wasted effort

She wants to be national committeewoman for Washington. You all defeat her by talking to your fellow Republicans, not by talking to Lori.

You show fellow republicans the video evidence from this weekend and then ask if they want to be represented by this woman.

They should answer with a resounding, vociferous NO!

Phil. 4:13

Lori Setello Came To Our Caucus This Saturday As Well, To Speak

In the 34th district in Seattle. This women is the female Darth Vader. She came to speak at our caucus inviting everyone, including Ron Paul supporters, to next weeks king county gop platform meeting where we choose people for leadership positions etc. She basically told us in so many words that she already has the leadership positions filled (by establishment people) & all we (the peasant grassroots) need do is show up & vote for them. She is cheater & a liar. She is a Romney supporter. She is really just a straight up cheat. She justifies bending, breaking or nullifying rules against Ron Paul supporters. She thinks she will get away with the same old tricks she has been pulling for years now...& she has another thing coming. When people raise motions on the floor etc. Lori will use "time restrictions" as a means to bypass whatever she doesnt think is important (usually a Ron Paul supporter). These people are supposed to be grown ups & they act like immature foolish teenagers...and she is in a leadership position. Her days as chair are numbered. FYI-We took a plurality of the delegates for RON PAUL! & shut Romney out!

LOri Sotelo has announced her intention NOT to run again

for King County GOP chair, so don't waste time focusing on defeating her as chair. There is another "annointed" successor in line.

Phil. 4:13

thanks for sharing the good news

Woot! "FYI-We took a plurality of the delegates for RON PAUL! & shut Romney out!"

RP R3VOLution

glad to do it.

Glad to be a part of it!

The video in the article

has subtitles. Click on the CC button in the youtube clip.


This Lori is basically saying she is not recognizing Ron Paul as a Republican Party member! The worst part is she acts as though she makes a legitimate argument. FAIL!

This is disturbing...

I hope their meeting won't be nullified by the establishment.

If the Paul lady was nominated chair

the other lady can't end the caucus. Only a vote by the caucus body can end it, it's still a live caucus restart it in the exact same location, make sure everyone there is and follow the caucus steps and run it as normal.

not mo


Change your title to try's to "end caucus due to Ron Paul supporter taking chair"