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CANDIDATES for Delegate in Pennsylvania

This is the list of Candidates for Delegate in PA. The election is Tuesday. It is very important that Ron Paul's voters know who exactly
The Ron Paul Candidates are, and that they Vote For Them on Tuesday.

This list of Candidates is being spread by the Ron Paul campaign, and it appears on http://ronpaul2012.com . All the work in PA is going to getting these names into the hands of our voters.

pdf link - http://c3408770.r70.cf0.rackcdn.com/PA_Delegates.pdf

This is not a list of delegates. This is a list of people we WANT TO BE delegates.

District Name D/A

1 Tom Boggia Delegate
1 Dale Kerns Jr. Delegate
2 Seth Koren Alternate Delegate
3 Michael Sergi Delegate
3 Lindsey Travis Delegate
3 Joe Salorino Delegate
4 Suzanne C. Doller Delegate
4 Thomas Byran Parsley Delegate
4 Elizabeth Roberts Delegate
4 Dave Talley Delegate
4 Derek Cotton Alternate Delegate
4 Dave Garry Alternate Delegate
4 Chad Nagle Alternate Delegate
4 Seth M. Shoemaker Alternate Delegate
5 Thomas G Brown Delegate
5 Thomas Martin Delegate
5 Lee A Mitchell Delegate
5 Mark R. Brady Alternate Delegate
6 Philip G. Duffy Delegate
6 Sean Leban Delegate
6 Byron Whitman Delegate
6 Jonathon Cutillo Alternate Delegate
7 Michael Cocco Delegate
7 Joe Grande Delegate
7 David Owens Delegate
7 Patrick Henry Sellers Delegate
7 Michael P Boyle Alternate Delegate
7 Patrick G Kocher Alternate Delegate
7 Rocco Moffa Alternate Delegate
7 Nicholas Puracchio Alternate Delegate
8 Charles Dinan Delegate
8 Rob Pepe Delegate
8 Ernest Rosato Delegate
8 Donna Serdula Delegate
8 Eileen Pepe Alternate Delegate
8 Andrew Rumbold Alternate Delegate
8 Kevin Schaefer Alternate Delegate
8 Justin Stottlar Alternate Delegate
9 Audra Cruder Delegate
9 Meryle-Lynn Epps Delegate
9 Joan Smith Delegate
9 Mark Brown Alternate Delegate
9 Travis Schooley Alternate Delegate
9 Patricia Gambol Alternate Delegate
10 Anthony Cipolla Delegate
10 James T Price Delegate
10 Aaron Wilson Delegate
10 Nancy E Price Alternate Delegate
11 Michael Anderson Delegate
11 Michael Harrison Delegate
11 Joe Zapach Delegate
11 Holly Anderson Alternate Delegate
12 Lawrence Boreland Delegate
13 Steven J Gilber Delegate
13 Michael Anthony Salvi Delegate
13 Brandon Yates Delegate
13 John Hennelly Alternate Delegate
13 Chad Odhner Alternate Delegate
13 Shaun Fishburn Alternate Delegate
14 Melina Brajovic Delegate
14 Jared Yanovich Delegate
14 Andy Maul Alternate Delegate
14 James Sheets Alternate Delegate
14 Tony Destro Write-In
15 Ellen Blickman Delegate
15 Russ Diamond Delegate
15 Rich Piotrowski Delegate
15 Chris Donatelli Alternate Delegate
15 John Lax Alternate Delegate
15 Todd Schulberger Alternate Delegate
16 Andrew Gibson Delegate
16 Ben Sheaffer Delegate
16 Evgenia Sheaffer Delegate
16 Ben Bradley Alternate Delegate
16 Daniel LaFauci Alternate Delegate
16 Jason Scoppettuolo Alternate Delegate
17 Anthony M Antonello Delegate
17 John Manko Delegate
17 Trent Miller Delegate
17 Greg Sheeler Alternate Delegate
18 Brian Dougherty Delegate
18 James Garsteck Delegate
18 Steven Morreale Delegate
18 James Garsteck Alternate Delegate

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The election in Pennsylvania is tomorrow

why didn't this make the front page?

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

BUMP BUMP BUMP!! Front page this please!

Get this out far and wide... it's time to get the names of our candidates to our people!! I'll be working the poll tomorrow... if you haven't signed up yet then CONTACT YOUR DISTRICT REP RIGHT NOW!!

Remember: go full GOP mode! No mention of Ron Paul! No debating! Just dress as conservative as possible, smile, be polite, and pass out your names to the GOP voters. We're trying to elect good, conservative, small government candidates here. Anybody but Obama. Etc, etc. :)

... This is the first time in 6 years I'll be wearing a suit and tie and not going to a wedding or a funeral.

Me too

Can't wait for tomorrow....cold snowy windy. PERFECT. I will be all sunshine and smiles and selling those conservative delegates to everyone.

reedr3v's picture



Only vote for RP delegates

Make sure that if the ballot says... pick 3 or pick 4 and we only have maybe 1 or 2 Ron Paul delegates that you ONLY ONLY ONLY vote for Ron Paul delegates and do not vote for additional. This way it is a true vote. Otherwise you additional options will cancel out your RP delegate votes. Same goes for Alternates...

This a thousand times!

ONLY vote for the correct candidates! If we don't have a full three people in each category (delegate and alternate) be sure to write in the name of the person you're supposed to. Failing that, JUST LEAVE IT BLANK.


Is anyone else as pumped for tomorrow as I am??? :-D

inform everyone in PA

this again will show how our determination and organization wins. I doubt the Romney campaign reaches their voters the same way..

This comes right in time. I doubt the GOP establishment will have enough time to adjust.

I hope we win the beauty poll too but I would not wonder if we again win the majority of delegates without anyone in the media recognizing it.

Hand these names out

I really hope we have people outside voting areas for each specific district handing out flyer with our names. All it would take is 18 people in the corner.

Please leave this up

PA delegates are chosen by direct election in Tuesday's primary, if they win the election then they go to Tampa unbound; regardless of how Paul does in the primary. We need our names out there so everyone knows who to vote for when they go to the polling booth. Please do not remove this list of delegate candidates that the campaign has provided on their website.

Thank You,

Michael Cocco, Candidate for Delegate PA CD7

bump - this is today newly on the campaign web page

It is time to MARKET and ADVERTISE our delegates!!

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul



My friend, your intentions

My friend, your intentions may seem to be good, just like mine when I put up a thread here on the same subject, but I had to delete my thread and didn't know I broke a DP policy on not publishing delegate names! You must delete your thread because it's going to hurt the campaign and other camps will find out!

It's ok to announce now

Things were under wraps until 2 days before the primary...so the establishment didn't have time to do a hit piece.

Thanks a lot for the

Thanks a lot for the heads-up, Armor! Hope we do very well in Pennsylvania! :)

These are not

These are not Delegates.

These are Candidates.

If they WIN, they become Delegates.

First they have to win.

How are we supposed to know who to vote for in PA? Magic?

it is published on the RP campaign