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Upon seeing how too many Santorum voters are siding with Romney now and seeing a post from fellow DPer ralph hornsby, I think we should try focusing on a tweeked strategy and see how it plays out. I'm thinking that our signs/materials should say "'Honest Ron' Paul". It really gives contrast to Romney and Obama for that matter. It's the kind of thing that can stick in people's minds like it did for "Honest Abe."

Secondly, I think any speech on district or state convention floors really need to emphasize how well Ron Paul does against Obama. That's what the Romney camp is doing (most likely because that's pretty much the only leg he can stand on).

So we combine the two and ram it down people's throats how Ron Paul is not a flip flopper and does just as good if not better against Obama. I don't think that would be too hard. Just add the word "Honest" to our campaign materials and mention how he does against Obama. Maybe there will be an "Honesty" slate. lol.

Maybe someone could try it out at a convention and report back on what the reaction was.

What do you guys think?
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This is one of the best ideas

This is one of the best ideas I've seen. We really need to push this.

Awesome Strategy!

As a full-time marketer who knows his history, I can say with confidence that the strategy of spreading the words "Honest Ron" far and wide are very likely the VERY BEST way of getting Paul in the whitehouse.

This is simply because we can brand into their heads over and over again (technically propaganda, but we're using it for good!)the fact that all other politicians are NOT honest. This is POWERFUL MOJO, folks!

I saw Honest Ron mentioned on Doug Wead's blog and on the DPForums too, so this strategy definitely seems to be taking off... But it needs to be going much faster.

Ideally, we need to put the words "Honest Ron" in our signatures and on signage EVERYWHERE, online and off... But there's still one thing lacking: The perfect explanation for non-Paulites.

When some other voter sees the words "Honest Ron" enough, they'll google it. What we need to happen is that the top search result in google gives them a GREAT presentation of exactly why Ron is so Honest. This is KEY for getting these votes.

A film I just found that fits this task wonderfully is this one:

Honest Ron

It's short, well produced, and shows exactly why he's so honest... Sadly it's not ranking so well yet, so now we need to promote it a bit.

All we need to do is embed that film in our own blogs with the words "Honest Ron" near it (best in the title) or at the very least, link to that film's page on youtube using the text Honest Ron as the link.

The more times we do this the more people we'll convert, plain and simple. Who's with me?


Now #3 search result at Yahoo!

This thread is the third result when 'Honest Ron'is put into the Yahoo! search engine - good work at 'starting the Buzz'.

Ed in Phoenix

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way to go..


I try to name him everywhere . Honest Ron Paul. Honest Dr. Paul.

We need to do it everywhere in the net and it can quickly trend. then it might get established and people automaticly get the message. He should change his name to Ron Honest Paul.

awesome!! that's soooo cool!!

awesome!! that's soooo cool!! :)

Yeah, I don't think it would

Yeah, I don't think it would be to hard of a thing to start doing. Just adding the word honest to promotional materials we hand out or suggest to a delegate "Hey, maybe focus on how he does against Obama and how he's not a flip flopper." Just a suggestion. Maybe someone could try it out at a convention and report back on what the reaction was.

its also a good thing for google searches

if we name him everywhere Honest Ron Paul then at some point he will pop up when someone writes just "honest"

I think Honest Ron Paul is good too.

I think MSM is very powerful

I think people are afraid to be marginalized by being outside of the MSM picture.

Ron Paul is NOT metioned, unless it's an insult or a lie. Many of these people DO NOT CARE if the game is rigged, or MSM lies, what they care about is that they are represented in the flow. That they turn on the news or turn on their computer and they see a picture of their guy with some comment.

To be for Ron Paul is being OUTSIDE, and people FEAR TO DEATH being on the outside.

They don't care if Ron Paul is honest. Ralph Nader is honest, and much of what Ron Paul is experiencing is exactly what Ralph Nader experienced. Allot of people agreed with Ralph Nader, BUT they wouldn't vote for him because being mainstream is too important to them.

I hear ya. I just think that,

I hear ya. I just think that, with the Obama part at least, that's what's getting Santorum people to back Romney. But as for adding the word "honest" before Ron's name on our promotional materials, I think we'd need some trial runs and see what happens. I don't think it would hurt.

Honesty is the best Paulicy

Honesty is the best Paulicy!

I like that one a lot :)

I like that one a lot :)

Share with Delegates

This looks like the kind of document we need to get out to delegates.

the comparison sheet needs to be distributed

infront of EVERY voting poll and convention.

If we dont win the anti romney vote, and we can do that if every voter gets a comparison sheet romney - paul, then we lose this nomination.

lol, I wish I had the inside

lol, I wish I had the inside connection