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The US government is paranoid

Greenwald on the out of control surveillance state:

"At the time of the Church Committee, it was the FBI that conducted most domestic surveillance. Since its inception, the NSA was strictly barred from spying on American citizens or on American soil. That prohibition was centrally ingrained in the mindset of the agency. Church issued that above-quoted warning out of fear that, one day, the NSA’s massive, unparalleled surveillance capabilities would be directed inward, at the American people."

"William Binney: he worked at the NSA for almost 40 years, and resigned in October, 2001, in protest of the NSA’s turn to domestic spying. Binney immediately went to the House Intelligence Committee to warn them of the illegal spying the NSA was doing, and that resulted in nothing. In July, 2007 — while then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was testifying before the Senate about Bush’s warrantless NSA spying program — Binney’s home was invaded by a dozen FBI agents, who pointed guns at him, in an obvious effort to intimidate him out of telling the Senate the falsehoods and omissions in Gonzales’ testimony about NSA domestic spying (another NSA whistleblower, Thomas Drake, had his home searched several months later, and was subsequently prosecuted by the Obama DOJ — unsuccessfully — for his whistleblowing)."

more: http://www.salon.com/writer/glenn_greenwald/

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Of course, how can it not be paranoid?

It is populated with and operated by psychopaths living in fear. Insanity is as insanity does.

Paranoid is a good description.

Check out this study done 1995-1996:
Air Force 2025: http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/index.htm

Peruse the chapter titles.

Of particular interest is Chapter 15 - Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

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They keep turning the heat up

They keep turning the heat up and most of the American people still don't seem to care.

It's worse than paranoia.

They're guilty, and they know it, and are trying to prevent anyone from knowing it or taking action against them.

And that makes them EVIL, as well.