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Ron Paul Wins the IA State Central Committee - Will soon win IA Caucus


This article is a poor attempt to continue putting Dr. Paul down.

To the establishment in IA, letting Ron Paul win the State Convention is the equivalent of throwing the First in the Nation status right out the window.

They know that is not the case. They know that it's disingenuous. They still repeat it because they want to scare Iowans from voting Paul at the State Convention because it would cripple our State's party.

Now that Paul supporters have taken the State Central Committee, WE ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT.

It's a very exciting time. If Dr. Paul cannot win the nomination, this proves he can at least win the soul of the party, and pave the way for a new generation of liberty candidates.

Even in losing the nomination, Dr. Paul may have succeeded in saving America.

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Iowans. thats 1 state down, 49 more to go. We will be the establishment soon. There is nothing the GOP can do. They can either join us or perish from politics forever.

Just added this:

Iowa is leading the way back to the Constitution. Why do you have a problem with that?

That seems like a pretty honorific position for the state to have to me.

I just don't understand people who put politics and parties before their country.

Trust me...ME, MN, NV, MO, AK...and perhaps more...are about to follow FIRST IN THE NATION IOWA, in a way that REALLY MATTERS for once.

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It's definitely something for them to be proud of.

The original author said it best in that this will be the second time the results of the caucus have been overturned.

All this does is lets people know there's more to politics than just showing up one night to vote, it takes activism to make a difference.


There a a lot of comments hitting this one from "butthurt" Anti-Paul folk and a lot of Dr. Paul supporters.

Usually the comments on that site don't get heated until Dr. Paul enters the conversation.


My comment is on there under James Moore, make sure to like it up. I think I'm the only comment so far.

Eric Hoffer