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NYPost: The Most Pro-Victim Disarmament Mayor Bloomberg is Anti-Gun, unless Your Bank Acct.=9+ Zeroes

Where's the bloody 99% vs. 1% OWS protests on the fundamental UNALIENABLE Natural Right of Self Defense?

Of course if the OWS 'movement' actually took the time to truly research the origins and the nature of the fraudulent, tyrannical corporatist fiat monetary system, aka Fed.Reserve debt slavery system, oppressed upon the Free Humanity, they'd easily understand that it's NOT 99 vs 1, but more like 99.9996% vs. 0.0004%, in reality.

And, guess of the two, who currently decides to 'allow' you to keep your fruits of your labor, as well as your right of self-defense?

Like any 'law' proposed/enacted to control human behavior, in reality, they're ALL really 'peon control.'

It's only a "Natural Right," to 'them,' in their puny, insecure, neurotic, petulant 'minds.' It's like 'screw you!' if you don't happen to love and live in the fantasy La La Land of phony funny money, and those who deem worthless paper shuffling, 'a living.'

New York City Gun Permits Reserved for the Rich. Again. Still.

Posted on April 23, 2012 by Robert Farago

Gun control is racist. The laws were designed and created to deprive American minorities of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. No surprise, then, that many of this nation’s largest minority communities are home to America’s most draconian gun control rules and regulations. To wit: New York City. As our man Brett Solomon will tell you, a law abiding New York City resident has about as much chance of getting a concealed carry permit as winning the lottery. While getting bitten by a shark. As lightning strikes. If, however, you’re extremely wealthy, you’re good to stow. As you peruse the list of contributors to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s previous political campaigns Big Apple concealed carriers, ignore the nypost.com’s “one percenters” class warfare crap. Everyone has a right to carry a gun. Everyone . . .

The really loaded

Ronald Lauder: Worth $3.3 billion, No. 103 on Forbes
Donald Trump: Worth $2.9 billion, No. 128 on Forbes 400
Joseph Sitt: Coney Island developer with assets of $1 billion
Andrew Farkas: Island Capital CEO used to employ Andrew Cuomo.
Richard Fields: Hard Rock casino mogul
Howard Stern: Recently inked $400 million deal with Sirius
John Catsimatidis: Gristedes CEO worth $2 billion, No. 212 on Forbes
John Mack: Former Morgan Stanley CEO
Larry Gluck: Real-estate mogul owns Independence Plaza and heads Stellar Management.
Adam Rose: Owner of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.
Isaac Perlmutter: Marvel comics CEO worth $1.9 billion, No. 263 on Forbes.
Tommy Mottola: Bronx-born recording exec worth $100 million
George Klein: Real-estate mogul, CEO of Park Tower Group
Ivan Seidenberg: Former Verizon CEO made $62 in 2009-2011
Dana Duneier: CEO of Madison Avenue jeweler Clyde Duneier
Albert Fried: Managing director of venerable Wall Street firm Albert Fried & Company.
Martin Goodstein: Founder of Goodstein Management
Donald Trump Jr.: First son of The Donald works for the Trump Organization.
Eric Trump: Third son of Donald, he’s also in the family biz.

Strangely, the Post’s list of NYC’s “21,243 Tom, Dick and Dirty Harry’s” doesn’t include celebrities (e.g., Robert DeNiro). Something to do with maintaining access for the paper’s paparazzi?


Original NY Post Article:

NYC's '1 percent' totally 'gun'-ho

Last Updated: 11:26 AM, April 22, 2012
Posted: 1:45 AM, April 22, 2012

The “1 percent” comes in piece.

Dozens of New York City’s billionaires, real-estate moguls and Wall Street CEOs are really loaded, according to the NYPD’s gun-permit list obtained by The Post under the Freedom of Information Act.

Top guns include Donald Trump, Marvel Comics head Isaac Perlmutter and Gristedes chairman and mayoral wannabe John Catsimatidis.

Billionaire cosmetics heir Ron Lauder — who once dumped $4 million of his own cash on an effort to install term limits for city pols, only to do a complete 180 and back anti-gun zealot Mayor Bloomberg’s third term — also packs heat.


Well, at least in one part of NE MSM world, sanity prevails, and the columnist manages to point the finger at the right culprit: the UnConstitutional, Illegal, Immoral, UnEthical, Feckless, Impractical, Murderous, Utterly Corrupting, DRUG WAR.

Here's an OpEd by Chris Powell:

"So more gun control basically comes down to confiscation of handguns, which gun control's more honest advocates acknowledge as their objective. But of course this would disarm only the law-abiding even as the country sinks deeper into poverty with an ever-growing underclass of fatherless and predatory young men. This is why, to the great irritation of the intellectuals, the public remains so opposed to more gun control. It's not really what the intellectuals think -- that the National Rifle Association, the notorious "gun lobby," has intimidated most politicians or that so many people are gun fetishists. It's simply that gun control doesn't accomplish much; that people would like the chance to protect themselves against the gradual disintegration of society because the police can't do it anymore, can't do much more than clean up a crime scene after the damage has been done; and that the old saying remains true: While God made man, it was Sam Colt who made him equal."

Gun control has failed, and confiscation will, too

Published 05:09 p.m., Friday, April 20, 2012

Maybe if the country could be started over again it would be better off without handguns, as they facilitate crime just as they facilitate defense against crime. But it's too late for that, and the unceasing campaign for more "gun control" is actually a campaign for outlawing handguns, which would be unconstitutional as well as terrible policy.

In most states and on the federal level there are already plenty of gun controls, and while most are reasonable, they are easily circumvented by people determined to commit crimes, what with tens of millions of handguns being in circulation already, most needing little maintenance to stay serviceable indefinitely, and many people being willing to sell or transfer them against the law. That's the silly thing about much gun control advocacy -- the premise that more law could deter people already determined to break the laws against murder, assault and robbery.

With so many handguns in circulation, more gun control laws would be basically contraband laws, whose record generally shows no more success than can be seen from the record of gun control particularly. Indeed, advocacy of more gun control has become largely a matter of refusing to examine the biggest failure with contraband law, the so-called war on drugs.


Perhaps PRO-Gun policies (or hell, just respect the 2nd Amendment) would be supported more openly, fairly, justly, and rightfully by the still L vs. R subscribing politically correct liberal Left, if the rightful, successful 2nd Amendment defendant looked like Ms. Fannie Mae Brown, an 89yo BLACK grandma with her .38 from San Antonio, TX!

Don't mess with Texas... er, Grandmas! lol

Did I mention the fact that the sweet lady is eighty nine years YOUNG?? She's young looking for almost 90, healthy, but no doubt tough looking, with all the years of joy and weathered pain engraved into her sweet 'ol visage. Need more like her. Unfortunately, as history shows, with bad economy, crime will inevitably go up, and the most vulnerable are always the elderly, women, and kids.

But, great to see that our elderly don't take no scheisse from nobody! More should follow suit.

** Article + Video:

SAPD: Gun-toting granny sends burglar running

by KENS 5 Staff
Posted on April 19, 2012 at 8:32 AM
Updated Thursday, Apr 19 at 5:16 PM

SAN ANTONIO -- A burglary suspect on the city's east side learned that even little old ladies may be packing heat.

San Antonio police said an 89-year-old woman woke early Thursday morning to somebody attempting to break through the front door of her home in the 400 block of Como. Startled, she quickly fetched her .38 caliber.

Fannie Mae Brown says she saw the burglar's flashlight inside the house and realized the intruder was headed toward her bedroom. She fired one shot toward the light, police said, which sent the suspect running off into the night.

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