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FOX just reported "Ron Paul May Win Iowa!"

They started the story by stating that Romney first won Iowa but later Santorum was given the victory.

But then they said that a NEW winner may emerge in Iowa: RON PAUL!

He is taking delegates all over the state apparently.

But then the FOX reporter said that even if Paul wins Iowa it won't matter if Romney is the nominee because customarily, he would get all the delegates by acclamation.

So even when we pound it into their heads THEY STILL DON'T GET IT.

I hope the GOP wakes up one morning in early September with a shock that RON PAUL HAS WON THE NOMINATION! Could happen.

LINK HERE (It's near the end of the story at about the 2:20 mark):


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Sure, some good news from the

schizophrenic MSM right before they change on us tonight and steal the vote.

"Ahhh too bad, he was doing so good" they'll say and it'll be business as usual.

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RUBIO"S Parents Were NOT Citizens At The Time Of His Birth

Rubio's parents became citizens in 1975..and their son Marco, (Ricky Ricardo) Rubio was born in 1971..This is common knowledge..Rubio is not qualifies to become president or VP de Los Ustados Unidos..

Case closed..


Didnt stop Obama, what makes

Didnt stop Obama, what makes you think they will care about a lowly VP spot... Also, some have started to question Romney's eligibility as well... just saying...

Obama was born

to an American mother. By the currently accepted definition, that makes him a citizen born to a natural citizen. I.e. eligible.

Rubio was not born to ANY natural citizen. Whether he was born before or after they became citizens is immaterial. Neither were born here, so he is invalid.


Screw Rubio what a sellout

Lock him in a closet with a Luger and hope he does the right thing...

Just sayin'

Rubio was a sellout already

Rubio was a sellout already when he was campaigning in 2010.

He NEVER was a real deal. I don't understand why some didn't see it already in 2010.

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We are about to BREAKOUT!





Who moved Mitt's cheese?

The Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty did!


White Hats Report...New Site on web

This is pretty damaging for Mitts image. I personally don't believe it's far from wrong.


Could possibly wake some Mitt fans up, if that's possible?

Warning...this may even shake a few of you that don't dig deep in the web.

Certainly interesting reading....

I have kept my eye on this site, if only 30% true it is very much damaging to Romney and shows the corruption ties over the last 30 years or so. Again how does the rest of the public find out about this if the Main Stream Media does not report it....

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...and level stuff.

United there comes from many directions the defenders of truth...and real justice.

Give thanks.


Paul should run Independent

As soon as all this fake Republican crap ends He should run INDEPENDENT!I have viewed the 2 party system as 2 sides of the same turd for a very long time!Its time for a Independent PRESIDENT!

Ron Paul 2012


Check out this story:


Now all we got to do is win at least 1 state tomorrow.

This was worth watching

if only to see Ron's smiling face front and center of a pic with Romneys fake smiling face IN THE BACKGROUND!!


I really got to go...

if this happens all the delegates should just go to the bathroom at the same time and escape through the window.

Why even stay on the floor at that point, just leave... who knows a few other delegates just may follow you out.

please say it's true lol. I

please say it's true lol. I really feel the tide is beginning to turn.

Does anyone else notice...

Every time anyone talking head on Fox News brings up Paul, they laugh, grin or smile. I really think this is intentional.

The more I watch Fox, the more I believe it is exactly like any reality TV program... You know, when after the last episode has aired, they interview the people involved, and they say it was all choreographed, or setup.

It's really a show... entertainment pushing an agenda. It's become so clear in the last 2 years, I'm sorry it took me this long to realize. But the good doctor has in all reality, enlightened me.

So who am I going to pull the handle for... No one but Paul...

Here's the video



Sheepish grins ...

And looks of ASTONISHMENT, on their guilty faces.

There is a public trust between the press and the people. Intentionally misleading the American Electorate with false information is simply seditious.

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The other thing that really bothers me with this Cameron guy

I mean you are a reporter....and this talk about Romney getting all the delegates by "acclamation" at the convention at the end

Clearly he hasn't covered this movement very much if he thinks that is going to happen voluntarily. I could see them lying or passing a motion that forces all delegates to "go to" Romney .....but it won't be voluntarily

Why would Paul delegates give their vote to Romney at the convention at all ?

The guy isn't going to get any of our votes if he is the nominee....they might as well fold up the tent .....

Message to MSM

Separate the factual part from the opinion part.
Just tell me the facts, I'll decide what they mean.

"THEY STILL DON'T GET IT" I agree. But they are not paid to get it, are they?

Thanks for the Post. This may be a significant change.

Free includes debt-free!

Cant stand that smirk on Carl Cameron's face

the entire time he is talking about Ron acutally winning Iowa - you can just see on the inside how little respect he has for Ron and by extension how little he thinks of us.

And Marco Rubio stumping for Romney....wow - guess the tea party doesn't mean anything to that guy - what a joke....if tea party people pull the lever for Romney then they aren't paying much attention. The tea party can't stand Obama - yet the republican party is trying to nominate Obama #2 as their candidate....are tea party types, conservatives, regular republicans, libertarians all going to fall for this ?? Every person in those 4 groups can't stand Obama - so why would they vote for Romney ??

the banking elite is laughing all the way to a one world government on this one. They have done it again. How can you lose an election where both of your people are the "chosen" candidates???.....heads they win ....tails they win...either way we lose....the information is there if anyone wants to bother looking


Romney is Obama

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Same as...

...the emperor as he realizes the lying dying media hoax is coming down because Ron Paul and his avid supporters are hard chargers and they see he has no clothes on.

What scares them most is, they were not taught in yellow journalism class how to tell the truth in the lame stream propaganda media machine nightly mind-kontrol news PROGRAMING. Most lamstergandists graduated from the cottage industry at Yellowback Mind-Kontrol University in Modesto, California somewhere.

(Satire - No offense to real California folks:)



I was trying to set up the Ron Paul people with friendly debate... It seems like it worked for the couple of people who played it cool.

I found it funny that all it took was ONE person to open up to debate and the other Mitt Romney supporters followed pursuit.


I probably got banned today then. I was on facebook and plastered a video showing just how similar Mint Rawmony & Owebomya actually are. I don't care though!! Hopefully I woke a few of them up!!! GO RON PAUL!!!

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Hard charging...

...good Hearts cannot be stopped. You can't keep a good man down that keeps a coming and coming at ya with the truth and stars of the universe behind him.



Romney is Obama....


Going to be a bloodbath if they actually nominate this guy. So many will either sit it out, write Ron in, or go third party.

Can't wait for a debate ....I mean what would they argue about??

Whose gov't run health care plan is better, who wants to go to more war than the other, who is going to be tougher with imposing sanctions, who would detain an American citizen faster than the other (Obama can say he has already killed an American Citizen without a trial - guess he has one up on Mitt), who would do less to change the tax code (actually Romney probably wins here - he would probably just leave it alone - where Obama would like to add more taxes and regulations)

They could fight about who got more money from Goldman Sachs - although I think that's a pretty close race

They could hold hands and agree on how great ben bernanke is and how the fed will never be audited or even bothered.....

They can assure their banker friends the bailout line is always open....and never to worry - the american taxpayer and printing press are at the ready for them

How about - who lies the most ?? That might be interesting

ok - lie is a strong word - how about says one thing but then does another ?

Thank you for this video,

Thank you for this video, Liked and shared :)