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New site prepares the way for legal action against the vote riggers: www.ronpaulvotecount.org

UPDATE: the title is changed. Now, the only action left is to go after the vote riggers; let's use this thread to post all evidence against them. The goal, now, is to collect hard-core evidence of the stealing of votes in primary elections, which is a felony offense. This page will be updated later today.

There is now a plethora of evidence of election rigging against Dr. Paul. However, in order to take action against the riggers it must be proven in an irrefutable way. The cheating software is already in the election machines. They're not going to take it out. So,what are we waiting for? We can catch them in the act. We just have to do it!!

We were cheated in Iowa and New Hampshire. Then, we were massively cheated in South Carolina. A second-place finish for Paul was collapsed to fourth. That stole the momentum and the resulting funding. Dedicated Paul supporters were forced to take on the whole burden of maintaining the revolution and the funding.

Everyone: we must fight and fight hard to end this corruption. Everyone: be like the people of God of the past and stand up firm against all evil. This IS a revolution and you ARE revolutionairies. Yet, the only way it's going to work is if we fight together as one unified team. We can do this through www.LibertyUSApac.org and www.ronpaulvotecount.org

Just voting isn't enough. We must do more. We must create our own certifiable paper ballots. Do this! That's how we prove the fraud.

Voting might even harm us. That's because our votes are being stolen and dumped into Romney's coffers. They could even be stolen for Santorum, even though he is out of the race. Some of us have said that at least we voted, that we feel "good" or even "thrilled" that we cast our votes for Ron Paul. We should feel sick to our stomachs when we go out and vote.

So, what do we do about it? We count our own votes through www.ronpaulvotecount.org.

Download and print out your court-verifiable affidavit. Go vote (okay if you already voted), record your precinct or ward. Then, click the “voting affidavit” bar at www.ronpaulvotecount.org, fill in the precinct/ward, county, state, and then upload your digitized affidavit. It’s that simple. Now, your vote counts as court-verifiable proof against fraud.

Do this in all future primaries. Get the word out. It’s easy. Help others if they are not computer savvy to accomplish this legal method of vote protection. If manning a campaign table at the polls, print off extras and give to everyone voting for Ron Paul. Post this, everywhere. Let’s file our notarized paper ballots—our affidavits--and put a stop to the fraud, once and for all.

Our top mathematicians have proven that votes are being stolen, Alabama and South Carolina being the most glaring examples. In Iowa Karl Rove himself presided over the fraud. Do you doubt it for a second? This is happening in every state in America. This is for the primary, but it is certain to occur for the actual Presidential election as well. That's why we must stop the fraud NOW. In an honest election Dr. Paul will win.

Do this also in states where you have already voted. Make your vote count with a notarized affidavit. If anyone has any doubt, look at what happened with Edward L. True. His one affidavit brought the entire Iowa GOP to it's knees over a 20 vote discrepancy, because he filed a witness affidavit. Suddenly, the leader was no longer in the lead, all because of a single man’s sworn statement.

If one man can stop fraud through this system, imagine what an ARMY of Ron Paul supporters can do. The vote riggers will be FINISHED. Some will even go to jail. Let's be brave, like Edward L. True and get our paper ballots counted, as affidavits, in full public view.

Note: for the lover of anonymity there is a function to protect you. It's all safe, made by hard-core DP'rs. There is also a function for exit pollers to upload their results. There is a "Witness Affidavit" button, to swear regarding what you have seen: evidence of fraud. It's there to centralize the proof against fraud in one place. Links now updated:


Prove your vote with an affidavit. The affidavit is an undeniable witness by you, which is extremely powerful, more powerful than any written ballot. It is merely a signed under oath testimony. Must be notarized. This is by far the best way to prove our real vote count.

The second link is a witness affidavit. This can be used for verifying an exit poll you've done or, for instance, a caucus, where you witness the vote and then testify to the same. This one is great when accompanied by a photgraph of the written results, as Edward L. True did, when he brought down the Iowa GOP.

Addendum: For the form you need to conduct an exit poll for upcoming primaries see also: www.healthfreedom2012.com.

Our mathematicians have shown a key trend. This is electronic ballot box stuffing of Paul votes to Romney in only the high-density precincts. The cut-off point is about 300 voters. Less than this, the counts are left alone. More than this they are rigged. The bigger the precinct is the greater the degree of vote flipping.

Finally, ask yourself one question: How can Santorum beat Paul by nearly 10% after dropping out? It's never happened before in the history of elections. His dropping out was broadcast all over. He was NOT well liked in that state. The only possibility is election rigging. After Bachmann dropped out, she got less than a half percent of votes in her state. Santorum was given 26% in PA? Who believes this? There is no reason to believe the same kind of results for South Dakota, Texas, or California. If Santorum or Gingrich get huge numbers, it's fraud.

Now for the point of the post. I submitted by process server an affidavit plus documents, serving the Milwaukee County Board of Elections, for potential for potential election tampering. As a result, the election process was shut down.

The County Clerk took down the presidential results and put up earlier, unrelated data. The office of the Clerk has yet to do what is obligated, which is to provide the real data in a format which can be analyzed. But the real point is this: of all Wisconsin counties/regions only the City of Milwaukee has failed to put up their final results? What are they worried about?

After receiving the notarized document, the Clerk halted all certification. I have an audio of the interaction and hope to post, soon. Here is the thread:


You must confirm your own vote through the notarized affidavit and helping others do the same will make the difference. You went all the way over to vote, spending time and money. Don't let it be stolen. Count your own vote, now!!

Also see: www.LibertyUSApac.org, the PAC that fights and proves election fraud. This PAC has a plan to shut down ALL the county boards of election and make them comply with a real, honest count. Join us in this effort by volunteering and donating generously.

Let's work together to fight the cheating. Every one of you can create a similar document and serve your County Clerk. No one can be allowed to steal our votes any longer: no one. Let's rally together through the PAC. Use the chat room (when available) to coordinate the effort. Sign up as a volunteer.

Milwaukee was served. Now, it's time to serve the rest of them.

To volunteer:

UPDATE: the PAC is working on a plan to take legal action against the riggers. More will be posted on this as soon as possible.

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Any updates on this?

What's your results from the (not) surprisingly >15% Texas Primary result?

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Careful here. I'm suspicious

The only way to prove fraud is to have the total vote counts. Like Edward L True. Your effort sounds like you're trying to round up Dr. Paul supporters.

"True, who said he hopes the discrepancy is a simple mistake, reportedly helped count the votes and kept a record of the outcome to post to Ron Paul Facebook pages. He said he noticed the error when he looked at the state GOP website.

If his claim is accurate, then Santorum was the winner with 30,007 votes to Romney’s 29,995 rather than 30,015."

KY was cheated too

I'm pretty sure Kentucky was cheated too. Even the paper ballots were fed through a machine :(

Yes, the cheats were active in virtually all the primary states

We just have to prove it.

The way to prove it is to catch them cheating in these final two

races. That's by doing vote counting at the big precincts, over 300 voters. Anyone who is in Travis County, TX, and wishes to assist in this effort PM me. Or, join up as a volunteer on www.LibertyUSApac.org.


and keeping for future reference. Thanks Dr. K.


Excellent work guys(or gals)......

finally some pushback on all this election rigging. If we can stop the fraud NOW - then we have a chance.Romney is going to pull out ALL the stops now. Its going down to the wire and they are scared. If you thought there was fraud earlier, well, all I can say is you ain't seen nothin yet.


This is it!

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Denise B's picture


Thank you so much for your hard work - this is such an important issue! Come on people! Take the few minutes that it takes to do this and make sure that your vote is really counted!

Great news: our people are stepping up to the plate and taking

action against the riggers.

As of May 26 we do have a group of volunteers to monitor the vote, and count it, in Travis County. Please post here or at the site any other counties/precincts that would be ideal to count. Little time left. To sign up as a volunteer: http://www.libertyusapac.org/volunteer.html

In addition, you can confirm your desire to volunteer to our volunteer coordintor at sales@ronpaulproducts.com. You may also call me only up until Sunday late at 224-223-6712 if you have specific questions.

You must count only precincts greater than 300 voters. Don't waste time on anything smaller. It's best to do this with one other person as back-up.

Looks like a good idea

But I'm sure there are some diehard Frothy supporters just like there are Ron Paul supporters. Don't know about 10%, though.

I'm glad I can put the pictures of precinct totals to good use.

My precinct totals are posted on paper slips. I took pictures of a couple of precincts after the polls closed. I had a bad feeling about the vote totals vs Ron Paul support around here. I'm glad I got to put these pictures to good use.

Site not working

Keep receiving error message when trying to register. Same message on contact page."Your email is missing or invalid. Please try again."

Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

A glitch occurred when the new design was put up

Keep going back; they fixed it.


Great work, the site is looking really good! I read on the front page over 275 have signed up!


Don't get mad get EVEN!

Lets keep this up, and show the establishment we will not take this lying down!

Paulbots ROCK!

BUMP it up for Liberty!!!

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE

Good work but...

It should've been done before this voting season started. It's too late now that lamestream media has already anointed Romney.

Fraud is permanent

Any theft of votes can be investigated even decades later. There is no statute of limitations for fraud.


It's not ever too late to do the right thing! And we might just regain some of our nations character and integrity in the process. Right now were just entertainment to the rest of the world.

"Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry


******To All Ron Paul Supporters******
IF your county/precinct is using electronic voting machines there is only one way to insure your vote for Dr. Paul will be counted. Unfortunately it will cost you a couple of bucks.

Write- in Ron Paul 2012

"ÏF" [and I say "IF"] after the last vote of the last ballot is counted in Tampa and Dr. Paul is not the nominee, Then it will be time to put together a verifiable "WRITE-IN" Campaign.

To have an effective "WRITE-IN" campaign will require Seven (7)steps.

(1) On August 31 or as soon thereafter, Dr. Paul will have to file an "Affidavit of Intent for Write-In Designation for President" with each States Secretary of State to qualify to have his votes counted as a Write-In Candidate. Sample Affidavit http://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/elections/Candidates/files/W... With each Affidavit he will have to file the names of Electors equal to the number of Electoral Votes that State has.

(2) Each and every Ron Paul supporter will have to acquire an Absentee Ballot. Fill out correctly and completely. You may have to update your voter registration if the information has changed since you last voted.
This will be required of a minimum of 47 million, 755 thousand, 425 votes from Ron Paul supporters. More than One Third 1/3 total votes cast in 2008 for President. Barrak Obama received 66,882,230 and John McCain 58,343,671.

(3) Take your completed Absentee Ballot to a Notary. Have a copy made of your Absentee Ballot and have it notarized as a true copy of the original. Have it stamped "Copy". Have two (2) copies made of the notarized copy.

(4)Mail your completed Absentee Ballot to your County Election Dept with Signature Confirmation™ $2.55 at a Post Office. This will verify that your ballot was received by the elections dept and you will have verifiable proof that you voted for Ron Paul. This is the first step in the chain of evidence that you voted.

(5) Mail the notarized copy of your ballot to yourself with Signature Confirmation™ to be sure it comes back to you. Store in a secure location so it does not become lost as you may need it in the event of vote fraud. This is the second step in the chain of evidence that you voted.

(6) Mail one copy of the notarized copy to your County Captain of the Ron Paul Campaign or other duly authorized person with Signature Confirmation™. These copies will be used to compare vote totals and correct any miscounted votes at the county level. The County Captain will be responsible for securing these votes in the event they are required to correct any discrepancies in the vote total. Ballots to remain sealed as mailed. There will be a time to open them, in court.

(7) Mail the second copy of the notarized copy to your State Coordinator of the Ron Paul Campaign with Signature Confirmation™. These copies will be used to compare vote totals and correct any miscounted votes at the State level. The State Coordinator of the Ron Paul Campaign will be responsible for securing these votes in the event they are required to correct any discrepancies in the vote total. Ballots to remain sealed as mailed. There will be a time to open them, in court.

That is how we will have an honest vote count for Dr. Paul in the event he is forced to run a Write-In Campaign.

We have to be the Change we want as no one will do it for us.
Restore America NOW

Respectfully yours,
Free-Idaho - Lets Keep it That Way

Voluntary Association+Mutual cooperation+110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

The “ONLY” legitimate justification for the USE of FORCE is the PROTECTION of LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY.

The use of Force or Fraud in any of its forms to achieve Social, Political, Economic, Cultural, Religious, Personal or any other reason should be a Capitol Offense.

The Philosophy of Liberty http://www.thephilosophyofliberty.com/

Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

There's 4 guys on the team

One developer (me) and 3 non-techies - Once I can give them the ability to handle a lot of maintenance stuff, answering email etc (that's already done) I can be dealing strictly with development.

Thank you for your patience. If anyone is experiencing problems please leave a VERY DETAILED contact message at the "contact us" link - also keep the suggestions coming the whole team is reading them in the chat.

We really appreciate folks that don't just say "aww crap" and then go away - make your voice heard and we promise we will listen.

When the main part of the site is good to go we can start talking about how we enforce what it is that we're doing - peacefully and lawfully - the revolution will not be televised and we will win without a shot fired!

Bump for Peace - and LIBERTY!
Blessings :)

As much as some may not like my "tough love" I assure you that's what it is - LOVE - I really don't like how Americans are ridiculed all over the world for letting their gov run amuck - it's up to us to change that. We're the ones we've been waiting for. We need to put our "government" back on it's leash. The neighbors are getting antsy.


Let's keep this up guys!! This is our way to fight back!!


Any update on how many

People have signed up so far? I know yesturday afternoon, almost 100!

Now, it is over 150

And I am working with the programmer to make sure everyone can upload their vote only, past, present, and future. We'll be able to get the data from every RP voter known before we are done.

Currently at exactly 200

Thanks for your patience guys and gals... I'm working on an admin interface for the rest of the team to be able to manage the incoming data - at that point we will really be cooking with gas.

If anyone would like to help with testing add "vinceableworld" to your skype and I'll toss you in the team chat. We could use help from mac, linux and windows users with multiple browsers so we can re-create bugs that I haven't been able to re-create.

Can't fix a problem if I'm not working directly with who is having it or can't make it happen to me.

woo hoo!

That's over 100 per day!


Not bad for less than 2 days:-) Glad to see a potential joint effort with Brent Larson! The more help, the better!

Still trying to figure out.....

WHY this post is not front and center!?