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Rachel Maddow Talks About Ron Paul Winning Iowa!

Thanks for the video link, ron_paul_is_awesome


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Why anyone vote for a

Why anyone vote for a candidate who when asked at a Republican debate what would he do about the Fed. His answer was I'm not going to take my effort and focus on the Fed. Want to see how similar Mitt Romney and Obama are in their platforms visit youtube: Romney Obama the Same? Another good one about Mitt Romney on youtube is The Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection. Both are worth viewing. We deserve to know the truth!

Bob Marshall




I'm just laughing and laughing.... watched this 3 times today. I love 4:31... "While we're on the subject... Ron Paul just won Minnesota also!"

As if to say, "Since we're going to throw it all out there...We're a bunch of idiots! We crowned the wrong dude! In fact, we've missed it 100 out of 100 times! We're battin 0%! and...We Suck!"

Watch us media... you friggin watch!! Ron Paul is going to be P.R.E.S.I.D.E.N.T.!

Whenever there is a yoke of oppression on a generation, someone will always rise up to destroy it.

That was actually

refreshing to hear- I suspect that Dr. Paul will gain a lot more delegates than are listed under any delegate counts. In my home state, he is listed as having 0 delegates, but has actually accrued 9 so far! Also, as he gains delegates, that also means that Romney's count goes down as ours goes up since we're getting all those that were "given" to Rominee!

How can I not

say "Thank You Rachel"
You get my hugs!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Not Reported ANYWHERE ELSE on Television

The Newsflash that Ron Paul Won Iowa has not been reported on Television anywhere else on the airwaves. Rachel Maddow has been the only one to publically disclose this.

However, Rachel Maddow is actually a strong critic of Ron Paul's "delegate strategy", because she believes that this is denying and/or reversing the "will of the people".

And that normally could be the case, except that because the GOP Establishment is corrupt to the core -- a whole bunch of Ron Paul's Votes were deliberately not counted, deliberately mishandled, and deliberately left out of announced results, and therefore nobody really knows what the heck the real "will of the people" ever really was.

If you judge by Exit polls (in Iowa), and by size of the crowds, Ron Paul is the real popular vote winner. Great efforts have been made to conceal that fact.

Just don't expect anyone including Rachel Maddow to ever point that fact out.

I am far from a Maddow fan

but I fear for her safety. Blowing the whistle on Ron Paul's success? She's going to have to answer to somebody for that serious breach of trust bestowed upon her by TPTB.


She never even mentioned Missouri,where Ron Paul got 147 delegates,and 147 alternates from St. Charles county alone.I read that right here on DP.Again,why can't we get an accurate count of what he's got delegate wise right now?

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy

I think you are slightly confusing it

he got 147 from the county convention. they were selected to go to the mizzu state convention where they will select the delegates for Tampa.

Come on over Rachel...

I hate to do it but I have to give this Marxist credit. I think she may be beginning to see the light. We are winning the intellectual argument.

We are the enemies of her enemies.

As long as we oppose Slick Willard and Jabba the Newt she will blow us kisses.

After the nomination you can assure yourself that she will line up with all the other loyal Obamunists to support Marat's reign of terror.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Thanks, Rachel!

Ron Paul 2012

Normally she drives me nuts

Normally she drives me nuts (spending 9 minutes trying to rationalize Obama's win of the Nobel Peace Prize - those 9 minutes I'll never get back). However, Obama got quite the dressing-down from her on his signing of the NDAA and her coverage of Paul seems decent.

Rachel Maddow is a journalist

And then Rachel Maddow told Lawrence O'Donnell: Who is laughing now O'Donnell, is your mega ego hurt now? http://youtu.be/9vXZ2mnYzfM

You have to give her credit for doing her job well, she is intelligent and was able to read it right from the beginning.

Rachel Maddow, thanks for a good job.


I never saw this, it really enhances my dislike of Neil O Donnell. I like Rachel, she is kinda like how many of were, neo cons, just she is the neo con of the left. She knows something is wrong but can't get past the whole D and R thing. Give her time. Many on the left are already seeing Obama for the hypocrite that he is. Give it time... it took me a few years to wake up from my neo con sleep also.

Glad to see Rmoney's

Glad to see Rmoney's supporters are apathetic

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

Uggg, they just don't understand

they still just don't understand we're in it to win it.


oh boo hoo, we're crapping on Iowa's first in the nation status haha.

Give Rachel Maddow credit

At least someone is reporting this stuff.

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin

Doesn't that feel awesome?!

I know we've all gotten a bit discouraged here and there, but this is the refreshing splash of water we all needed. The MSM's narrative is becoming undone.

Warren Harding was a non

Warren Harding was a non intervenionist, in the economy and in foriegn policy. He didnt give us a New Deal or Great Society and avoied foriegn entanglements. He simply left us alone, I hope Dr. Paul repeats the strategy.

But Rachel, I am on the edge

But Rachel, I am on the edge of my seat!!!

One word:


(and this)


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Great Video!

You know what's awesome about this. Rachel Maddow clearly, as a reporter, loves the underdog feel of this story. She makes watching news about the good doctor dang fun. Honestly, I rarely watch MSM so I didn't even know who she was until this year, but I like her reporting. She's very fair even though she may not agree with Dr. Paul.

That said, I'd give her a big 'ol hug for this one, since most media outlets aren't declaring anything about, well, anything. Her final comment made me laugh out loud -- a light-hearted slap to the head of the Iowa GOP for their shenanigans.

Her 'colleagues' make it easy for her

to shine. She doesn't have to do much, just bring up relevant news from time to time.

I'm lovin it! This just gets

I'm lovin it!

This just gets more and more interesting. Hopefully Newt drops out tomorrow and then the real fun starts:

Paul vs. Romney

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

The Gloves Will Come Off

Ron Paul's caucus delegate strategy has been under-reported and misreported until now -- and that's been good for us. Neither the media nor, apparently, many in the state and national Republican establishments have understood the process very well. RP's people made it a point to understand it and take advantage of it.

However, if the elites are in a panic now, you can bet they won't take it lying down. Watch for the dirtiest tricks you've seen yet to be played to keep RP delegates from having a significant presence in Tampa.

When the establishmentarians shoot themselves in their collective feet by doing this, though, they will face political blowback like they never imagined. Then they'll see what happens at the ballot box and in their meetings when you *really* rile up Ron's folks.

Small Victory

Let's keep our heads up, keep fighting, keep showing up to caucuses and voting in RP people, keep funding, keep putting up signs, keep wearing your t-shirts and ball caps, keep printing the free literature here, keep putting literature on restaurant tables, keep paying it forward by purchasing someones lunch behind you in the fast food drive-thru in the name of Ron Paul.

The next step is to start influencing the super delegates. Who has the inside on this?

Whenever there is a yoke of oppression on a generation, someone will always rise up to destroy it.

If your state allows

If your state allows electioneering, I have a new edition of the "Honest Ron" Paul vs Romney Candidate Comparison Sheet handout for you to give to voters entering the polls.


So when can I expect Bill O'Reilly to pay up?

If Ron Paul is declared the winner of a state, that means O'Reilly has lost his bet to John Stossel.

Look for B.O. to weasel out, saying "I meant win the vote count,

not the delgate count".